Cumslut step sister sounds like a dream come true right? Not to the guy in our story! This man’s tight teen stepsister has perfected her art of teasing and lets everyone cum but him! She loves the attention and poor Adam needs to blow his load! Take a ride and enjoy the tale of how Adam overtakes his cumslut stepsister Ava.  Then have a bite to eat with this horny pizza slut! Take a dive into Adam’s journal and enjoy his rantings!

Adam Vs Ava His Cumslut step sister

Cumslut step sister


I can’t fucking believe what my cumslut of a stepsister has been doing all weekend! She has worn the tightest and sexiest clothes she can find and has been taking pictures of herself and sending them to a bunch of guys! She is just begging to get fucked looking so good. God my cock gets so hard thinking about her!! I can’t but stop and stare at her when she sways her hips so much when she walks. Constantly having to tuck my poor guy up in my waistband.  Wishing hard Ava would touch me!


Ava bounced around the living room today in the shortest shorts ever, she knows what she does to me! She had a few guys over and they were playing some dancing game. It drove me insane I had to put a pillow on my lap to hide my growing cock. After a few rounds of the game, the three of them disappeared towards ava’s room to “Study”.

I knew better than that. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I pushed my phone against the door to see what was going on. There I saw it, Ava, on her knees and the two jocks pantsless. Ava Had a cock in each hand stroking it. She looked so fucking good. I took a few snaps and some videos to use later when I jerked off.  Staying till they came and covered Ava’s pretty face I stopped spying and quietly took off with my rock hard cock. I decided to have some hot incest phone sex.


Ava is having a pool party today. I was just chilling in the hot tub and she jumped in the pool with some of the boys from school. Her top was so tight when she jumped one of her big tits popped out and I got a peek of one of her perky pink nipples.  The quarterback Mike took advantage of it and picked her up and wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it quickly.

My face went red and I realized I was jealous, Ava is such a cumslut step sister but won’t let me play with her. In order to even get so lucky, I need to be a bit braver and just go for it next time.


Today I got a bit braver… Ava was mouthing off and was trying to take the remote from me. Smiling I gave her an offer her little cumslut stepsister self couldn’t pass up. She looked at me curiously when I stood up and pulled out my 8-inch cock. “Suck it,” I told her and promised her the remote if she would just suck it till I came.  She looked at me and opened her mouth and told me how “Disgusting” I was.  While she was yelling at me I grabbed the back of that sluts head and pushed my fat cock between her lips.

The sounds of Ava Gagging on my cock and her drool dripping off my dick was enough to make me almost nut right then and there. The best thing happened after that! This little Cumslut step sister got so into it! She reached her hand up and cupped my balls and started to play with them and really go to town on that cock!  I pulled out my phone and recorded the best blow job I had ever got in my life.

Ava made me cum so hard that I shot about 5 ropes of my hot sticky load down her cute little throat. As promised I did give her the remote and I pulled my pants up. I was spent and I needed a break.