Ready To Cum Together?

Let’s cum together, that is all I am really craving to start my week great. For those of you that know I was out all this week a bit sick. I am feeling much better and craving your big fat cock. Now, it is going to be up to you if you want to give it to me. Which I hope you do because I have no came in a whole week. Can you believe that?

So let’s say this Monday you are feeling a bit over it. I know for a fact that’s how I feel most Mondays. All you really need is me. All you have to do is give me a ring so we can let our imagination run wild. Believe, there’s a few fantasies and role play that get my pussy so wet. Whatever you are into, that is what we will do. YES! I am here to please you, and if you want to please me, all you have to do is get that cock nice and hard and touch yourself while my sweet young voice tells you the nastiest little things.

I want to touch myself and cum together. I want to slip my vibrator in my pussy while we talk on the phone and put it in the slowest setting at first. I love feeling a slight buzzing on my clit. Gets the juices flowing. I’d start picking up the speed when things start getting very steamy. I want to hear you cum just as much as you want to hear me cum. That is a FACT!

So, before you start your week or after a long day at work. Be sure to give me a call for some great phone sex. If you mention this blog I’d make sure to add some free minutes to our call.

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