Cum on me and let it dry my dear!

Most girls get pissed off when a guy cums on their face because they find it degrading. Not me, I freaking love it. Seriously, I won’t get upset at all. Hell, I’d keep jerking your dick to milk more cum out of you. I love knowing a guy came just for me and that he marked me. Vic gave me a facial and gave me no warning about it and I just let it splatter all over my face and then drip down me while I stayed still.

      Throughout our date, the only thing I could think about was Vic stuffing my mouth with his dick. I’d slept with him before and knew he had a dick that was long and thick. I couldn’t wait to feel the heavy, throbbing shaft on my tongue. As soon as we got to his bedroom I dropped to my knees, I didn’t even wait for either of us to get undressed.

      I reached up and pulled down his zipper, yanking down his jeans, and licked my lips with excitement. He was already half-hard for me. I leaned forward and put my tongue at the base of his dick then slowly slid it along the shaft. He twitched at my touch and I knew he’d be hard in no time. I stopped when I got to the tip and licked that sensitive spot just under the head. He moaned and pushed forward, his tip rubbing against my lip. I wrapped my lips around it and rubbed my tongue over him. Then I slowly slid forward, taking him in inch by inch.

I felt his fingers twist in my hair as I began to suck him. His hand held me in place and guided me, urging me to go faster.

I wrapped my lips tighter around him and gave him what he wanted. I could feel him hit the back of my throat every time I moved down then felt his tip brush my inner lips as I nearly slid him out. He began to push down on my head, shoving himself deeper inside my mouth. I gagged and had to relax my throat as he pushed too far. I’m not complaining though, a mouthful of dick is what I wanted and it’s what I was getting. He started making deep moans in the back of his throat and I knew that meant he was about to cum.

     I was getting ready to swallow his load when he quickly yanked my head back. I think he took a clump of my hair out and was about to ask what the hell he was doing when he grunted. He pulled me forward and I felt his dick brush against my face as drops of cum landed on my cheek. I stayed where I was until he was finished and when he went to pull away I gently put my hand on his dick. I licked the string of cum from his tip and he gasped.

So I knew he would be sensitive since he’d just cum but I was swallowing some cum tonight whether he liked it or not. I gave him another flick with my tongue then let him go. I got to my feet but didn’t bother wiping my face off; I wanted to feel dirty while it dried on me.

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