If you’ve never tasted your own, cum eating instructions phone sex is a GREAT way to (have to) take the first lick!

It’s hard for me to believe sometimes how many men have never experienced the (often humiliating) joy of cum eating. And by cum eating, I do mean eating their own cum . . . as in, you eating your own cum.

Think of it as a slightly more “unorthodox” finale to guided masturbation. I don’t think cum eating instructions are inherently part of humiliation phone sex, but many of my domination clients enjoy it for that reason.

“This is so humiliating!” many a submissive have cried to me during a call, spluttering between giant gulps of their own jizz.

“Well, isn’t that what you wanted?” is usually my sadistic, seductive answer.

I don’t HAVE to be humiliating you to make you eat your own cum. You just need that final push to get you to take the first bite/swallow . . . and who better to inspire you than a beautiful phone sex goddess like me?? Think of me as your cum eating muse.

A no limits phone chat line like mine is the perfect way to get that final push. You can let go of all your embarrassment and trepidation. When you call me for CEI phone sex, it’s just you and me, no judgment and no taboos.

We’ll start with you tasting your own precum as you jack off for me. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?? You’ll probably need to eat more than one finger-full of precum to start getting a sense of what your cum tastes like, anyway. Don’t argue with me. This is for your own good!

You’ll be amazed how much cum eating turns you on. Will you cum in your mouth for me at the end of our call like I’ll command you to? I hope so . . .

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke