I love giving cum eating instructions.

What are cum eating instructions, i.e. “CEI”? Well, take a wild guess! That’s right, cum eating instructions are a *~welcum~* accompaniment to jerk off instructions (aka “JOI). And who better to administer such delicious, taboo instructions than yours truly?

Personally, I taste my cum all the time. I fucking love the way my cum tastes. Probably my “secret ingredient” is garlic. Sometimes I even put a clove of garlic inside my pussy. I heard about doing that from a girlfriend years ago as a way to cure yeast infections, but now I do it just because I like the way it makes me smell and taste. Mmmm. What does your cum taste like?

Maybe you just need that extra push to taste your cum for the first time. That’s okay. And just because I like tasting and smelling my own juices doesn’t mean I sit around and “eat” it all day, per say. But it can be a fun activity with a partner, especially during a phone sex call.

Are you ready to taste your cum for me?

One of my favorite things a caller ever said to me during a call was about eating his own cum. He said, “Well, I’m a feminist, so as far as equality I should taste mine too, right?” I laughed. And I got really fucking turned on. Usually I would say “equity model is flawed” (I’m a little further to the left than mainstream “feminism”). But in this case: yes. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s pretty much “all-natural!” Who knows, your cum might even be gluten-free and organic.

First, it’s time to get you all hot and bothered. We want you to work up a nice healthy dose of pre-cum as an appetizer. Squeeze your balls for me. Are they full of a nice, hot creamy load? I hope so.

Still not feeling convinced eating your cum is what’s best for you? And best for pleasing, satisfying me? That’s just fine. If you call me for some humiliation phone sex style cum eating instructions, I enjoy that QUITE a bit. You’ll get a taste by the time and through with you. And, ideally, you’ll be in the PERFECT position for my favorite grand finale. Your legs up and your cock dangling over your hungry mouth, poised to shoot your entire load inside = mission cum-plete.

I want to hear you slurp down your first finger-full.

We don’t necessarily have to resort to forced cum eating, of course. But I’m not afraid to make you do it. Either way, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy the taste of yourself. And, again, especially if I tell you that you enjoy it!

I think the reason a lot of men are trepidatious or even automatically turned off by the idea of eating their own cum is because of anti-feminist, patriarchy-inspired attitudes, actually. It’s the same reason why “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It” is so popular/socially acceptable (and applauded erotically, even) but two men kissing isn’t. Somehow eating your own cum is tied to a vague, pseudo “faggotry” in our collective social subconscious.

Time for you to liberate yourself and CUM get cum eating instructions from me!

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