Cum eating is so much fun! There are so many different ways to experience it, too! One of my favorite roleplays is seeing a guy eating cum! Sometimes he’s eating his own cum, and sometimes he’s eating my cum. Perhaps my favorite is when he’s eating another man’s cum! Do you love cum eating? If you are a cum eating slut, then keep reading!

Cum Eating 101: Men Can Be Sloppy Cum Eating Sluts, Too!

 It’s true, men can love cum eating, too! It’s so hot watching a man get so worked up and so horny that he craves cum just as much or even more than I do! And I’m the one with the cum fetish! There are many ways to experience cum eating, and I’m going to give you a little introduction to a few different ways that I really enjoy when it comes to men eating cum!

The Cum Eating Husband. 

This is my life as a cuckold wife. I dress myself up and go out to the bar with some girlfriends. We spend the night enjoying the company of other men, despite the rings on our fingers! They love it, and they know we’ve got a cuck at home just waiting to taste a hot load of sperm from our hot wife pussies! I sometimes bring a guy home with me, so that my hubby can get an extra fresh load!

The Cum Eating Boyfriend. 

So my boyfriend is into a lot of kinky things. One that is really fun, especially for an Alaskan girl like myself, is snowballing. Snowballing is the act of a man cumming in your mouth and then kissing you while you’ve still got a mouth full of cum! My boyfriend likes it when I really ‘make’ him do this. He doesn’t want me to ask. What he wants is for me to take a really hot load and before he can even think twice, lean over his face and let all of that cum drip right into his eager little mouth. He whimpers sometimes, but I know he’s just as much in love with cum eating as I am!

Last but Never Least, the Cum Eating Boy Toy. 

I love a bit of forced bi role play! It’s perhaps one of my favorite roleplays out there. I love cock and I love having more than one, this includes having one play with the other! I love to make him get down on his knees and lick that cock up and down really good before I hold his head and fuck that nice thick cock right into his face. He gags and sputters and I just tell him to keep his face open for that pretty cock. “You’re excited aren’t you? You can’t wait to taste that warm creamy cum all in your mouth, can you?”

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