Cuckolding My Loser Boyfriend

I was getting ready for the evening.  Putting on my sexy new dress, new heels, makeup, and hair all done.  Who was I getting ready to see?  Not my pathetic boyfriend, that is for sure.  I always liked forcing him to watch me get all dolled up for other men.  Get turned on, even more, seeing the desperation on his face as he watching my sexy ass walk out the door knowing I will be cuckolding him tonight.

I have to admit, at first I felt bad.  As time has gone on, I do not feel bad at all.  Seeing how turned on he gets watching me fuck other men, bigger men makes cheating that much more enjoyable.  He knows he could never satisfy me like they do.  He knows a girl like me has needs he can’t fulfill.

At first, I would text him on the way home and tell him to hide in the bedroom closet.  Now that he is under my complete control, I have his ass sit at the edge of the bed and get an up close and personal view.  Watching real men with their hard thick, meaty cocks pounding away at his girlfriend’s cunt really puts him in his place.

I get so turned on seeing him stroke his little weenie while I squirt all over another man’s hard cock.

That thick cock pulls off and the stream of cum follows.  Now it is my boyfriend’s turn.  He pokes his head up from the edge of the bed and crawls between my legs.  First, he has to suck the thick cock clean, but then he gets a taste of my cream filled pussy.  He is so good at eating the cum out of me! Then I tell him to wash the sheets before they stain.

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