The cuckolding husband wants to watch again.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become friendly with the new mailman.  He’s the typical young tall blonde, friendly kind of guy. I know what time he delivers.  So I make sure I’m at the mailbox, wearing something sexy and revealing.  I even gave him some home-baked cookies the other day. He doesn’t know soon he will be helping me with my cuckolding husband.

I always ask very personal questions, such as his relationships, his age, height, and weight.  I even asked him if he’s a good kisser.  When I asked him about the kissing he had a huge smile and I swear his pants starting to bulge between his legs.

My cuckolding husband is home for the day.  So I left a note in the mailbox, telling the mailman that I have a package for him to pick up at the house.

I keep my eye on the clock and can’t wait to bring in another bull to the field.  Here he comes up the driveway.

I decide to go to the door totally naked.  While the cuckolding husband waits in the bedroom.  I hear the knock on the door and open it in my full glory.  The mailman standing in the open door with his mouth wide open and eyes just about popping out of his head.  I tell him to follow me and I lead him to the bedroom.

As I walk to the bed, I turn and look at my cuckolding husband and we smile at one another.  I lie on the bed and tell the mailman to talk off his clothes.  And yes he has a nice big cock already semi hard.  But the look on his face is one of confusion and very puzzled.  So I don’t keep him in suspense any longer and tell him that my husband likes to watch while another man takes me.  With that said I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and make him very hard within seconds.

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