For a change of pace, I thought it would be fun to do a cuckolding confessional. This Cuckolding confessional is all about my first time cucking. I had no idea what I was doing back then! Miss D is still learning but I do find it fun and enjoyable!  I always have fun doing cuckold phone sex. As well as playing into my Daddys Breeding Slut fetish

Cuckolding Confessional The Beginning


So the boyfriend at the time “Arik”, our sex life had to be honest hit a low. I mean I shouldn’t have been too bored Arik was a gorgeous man. Icey blue eyes, a smile that could stop you in your tracks.  There was so much in common between us and it drove me crazy that I was feeling unfilled and was having fewer and fewer orgasms.

Unfortunately, It wasn’t fun anymore and I was just dying to try and bring a spark back into the bedroom. Although having tried several things from tieing me up to public play, we did role play fantasies and even tossed toys in the mix.

Fast forward to one day during the daily pornhub watching spree to come up with new spicy ideas, I came across a cuckolding video called Cuckold wife.  At that moment with myself getting excited I knew what I wanted to try! I just had to set up everything I needed. This is how it played out!

Cuckolding Confessional setting up the big night!

“Dee, you have been on your laptop a lot today don’t you want to come to bed?” Arik had asked me. It had annoyed me that he never called me baby or sweetheart anymore, I bookmarked my page and shut it down, knowing I needed to do something before this relationship completely flames out. Standing up I shut down the computer pocketed my phone and walked to the bedroom.

Arik laid there in those silly plaid PJ pants and top. I hated this particular PJs, whenever he wore these I knew sex was off the table. I crossed my arms in disappointment and popped in my earbuds to my phone and began to search for a perfect man to cuck Arik with.

After hours of looking, I found someone, a professional named Leon. Leon was Tall Muscular with deep brown eyes that a girl could drown in. We set a date and hatched a plan. After finishing texting to Leon, I hit up an online store a bought some supplies.

Cuckholding Confessional: The Big Night, Ropes and more!


The ropes and gag ball arrived and my new black lace bra, with matching black lace panties, I tossed on a pair of strappy black heels and put on a new sexy lace mask. I filled my lips with a deep ruby red color and wore a smokey eye with lashes. My hair was down and curled it for effect.  I snapped a few photos and sent them to Arik.  He seemed excited by the text responses I received.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door and I tossed on my robe.  Opening the door I saw Leon and his handsome smile wearing a plain white T-shirt and some blue jeans.  ” Oh, Come one in Leon” I respond after a stunning second.

He let out a chuckle nodded and came walking in. Leon and I had some pleasant small talk until Arik came home, I stashed Leon in the closet in the bedroom and ran out to great Arik. As soon as Arik walked through the door and closed it I pressed him against it and passionately kissed him.  ” There is a surprise for you in-store hun,” I said with a smile. I felt his cock get hard.  I pulled his shirt off over his head and then pulled off his pants and boxers. Arik stepped out of his shoes and grabbed my ass and I pushed his hands away.

I had Arik right where I wanted him for this cuckolding confessional

” Tonight I am in control”  I whispered in his ear. Grabbing his hand and lead him into the bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him and pulled the black shoebox I had hidden my new treasures in.  I popped open the box and pulled out the gag ball, it was red with holes in it. Securing it to Arik I then pulled out the rope and tied him to the bed.  Arik’s cock throbbed he was enjoying this.

Cuckolding confessional Time to Play

” Okay, Leon you can come out now! Shush Baby, this is for my pleasure tonight, I want you to watch me and Leon Fuck,” I said and playfully patted his cheek.

Leon Smile and Walked to the edge of the bed and grabbed me pulling me close and pressing his lips against mine.  I could hear Arik’s protest but frankly, I didn’t care this was my fantasy now. Leon had me heating up with excitement as his lips were all over mine then suddenly he flipped me over and spread my legs.   His tongue furiously licking me getting me dripping wet. I maintained eye contact with Arik as he saw me moan and wiggle with pleasure. Leon stopped licking me pushed his pulsing cock against me.

As a result, Arik let out another groan, he was starting to like my idea. At first, Leon fed my pussy his cock inch by inch, my moans began to fill the room. His hips grinding and pounding into me all night as Arik pulsed and leaked next to my head.

Finally, Leon hit his max and pulled out and came over my belly, I let out a satisfied sigh and suddenly  Arik came as well. He couldn’t take it anymore. Thanking Leon as he got dressed and out the door, I freed Arik and went to bed, he was not going to touch me tonight it was part of the fun! All things considered, this turned out to be the best sex I had had with Arik and he didn’t even touch me!


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