Cuckold with my boyfriend’s dad, Mmmm

I love writing about all my naughty experiences, there’s something about revealing all of the dirty things that I have done that makes me so fucking wet. As I write my blogs, I always make sure to have my vibrator sitting next to me so that I can really have some fun after each post. I love knowing that you are reading, hard and so turned on. It reminds me of all the cuckold experiences I have had, making my lover watch me as I get fucked by some random stranger. I love it.

One of my favorite things about dating someone is being able to make him my cuckold. I love to make them watch me fuck a random person, but I love even more to make them watch me fuck someone they already know. It’s so hot to see their expression as I am being penetrated.

My best cuckolding experience was with Chris, a boyfriend I had back in my freshmen year of college.

I was a slutty little eighteen-year-old with a thirst for cock. We had been dating for a few weeks when he asked me to come back home with him to meet his family. I was so nervous, but I knew they would love me. It goes along with being the whole ‘girl next door type.

I had just met his mother when Chris’ father showed up…he was so fucking sexy. Obviously, the apple had not fallen far from the tree, and all I knew was that I wanted to take a big bite. I winked and gave him a big hug when we were introduced. I made sure to slowly press my big tits against his chest.

We had a nice dinner, and before long Chris’ mother left for one of her friend’s houses. I began to make my move on his father, I wink at Chris as I slowly rub his father’s shoulders. Chris was happy and began to talk to his dad about what we liked to enjoy.

“Well, so dad. Casey thinks you’re pretty hot. And I uh, well I enjoy cuckolding and am very passionate about watching Casey get fucked by other men. We were kind of wondering since mom is gone…if you would like to have a little fun.” Chris asked nervously while I began rubbing his father’s chest with my fingers. I needed to make the offer irresistible to him.

His father looked up at me with the same blue eyes that Chris had, and he smiled.

I winked and pulled his hand and led him all the way to the guest bedroom where we were to stay. I bent down on my knees and unzipped his pants with my teeth, and brought his cock out nice and slow. Chris loved to watch me suck cock, and I had a feeling he would get really excited about watching his father’s cock in my mouth.

I spent my time licking his balls and teasing his cock with my teeth and lips. I looked over to the corner where Chris stood naked. He was rock hard and enjoying every single second as he watched me deep throat his father’s manhood into my mouth. Chris moved closer to me and decided to begin directing us. He wanted to have some say in it. It was such a turn-on to have him watching me take his father and tell me exactly how he wanted it to be done.

“Okay dad, bend her over just like that. Now I want you to fucking pound her tight little ass over and over again.” Chris said as he hovered over us, I watched him as he began stroking his tiny cock. I moaned as His dad hovered over my body, getting ready to insert himself into my tiny little hole.

I looked over to Chris and smiled “Baby, I want you to come here and get your mouth ready for the clean-up…”

Let me tell you just how fucking hot it got as Chris’ dad took control over my body, while Chris stood willing and waiting for the clean-up. But you HAVE to hear how fucking turned on and wet it gets me. I’ll be waiting for your call.

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