New Cuckold Sex Story

For those that love cuckolding I have a new cuckold sex story. He loves our new lifestyle and so do I. It surprises me because he was so dominant when we first met and now I’m the dominant one. Like most men he’s been in denial about his fantasies but now I got him to explore them. I slowly started bring men home and he’d hide in closet humiliated and masturbating. He was so ashamed and afraid what those other men would think. I was able to get him out of closet. You should see him now he’s like my little puppet. He does whatever I say whenever I say.

BBC Just for me?!

This weekend I told him to go find me a cock and bring him home. My submissive boyfriend surprised me when he brought home a bbc. I know I told him to bring me home a cock but this was a big black cock. I’m curious to know how he knew the guy was so big but I’ll get it out of him later. This time I pushed him outside his comfort zone and forced him to get that black cock hard for me. I honestly thought he would chicken out on me but like a good puppet he did what I said. He didn’t even need cock sucking lessons he was a pro! He used his hands and mouth without any assistance from me which was impressive. He’s really been watching me to know how to get a cock hard.

After getting him hard I finally got to feel him inside me and it was exactly what I needed. I was put into doggy style while my boyfriend was underneath my pussy. He was a good clean up slut but he also got a big does of humiliation. I’m not sure what made me cum harder humiliating my boyfriend or feeling every inch of that black dick inside me. It’s probably a combination of the two but I really needed that. This has reminded me how much I have missed cuckolding so keep your eyes open for my next cuckold sex story. I understand the need to keep your fetish or fantasy locked away tightly but you can always trust me. Let Kelsey help you explore it to the fullest. Interracial play fantasies? Let me tell you about the biggest bbc I have ever seen.

Kinky Kelsey