Looking for cuckold photos? Check your girlfriend’s phone.

I love sending cuckold photos to the husbands or boyfriends (i.e. cuckolds) of women who have found that bigger is better.

It’s not uncommon for the casual cuck (or cuck-wannabe) to need his fetish fix during a long day at work. Some of my favorite cuckold fetishists are so obsessed with “finding out” their lady is getting it somewhere else, they can’t wait for a phone sex call. They need me to forward them photos from my private collection.

By “private,” I mean images found on her phone. During our email exxxchange I’m going to confirm all your worst fears about where she really goes when she “stays late” at work. Did you think her pussy tasted different when she got back at 2 am Saturday night? I’ll show you the “Right After” (getting fucked) cell phone sex picture proof!

What’s your cuckolding fantasy? If she’s doomed you to a sexless misery, maybe you imagine she’s fucking everyone but you. Your wife is a whore. She’s just not a slut around you, idiot! That’s okay. Thanks to the filthy photos I’ve sent you, you can at least get some vicarious joy out of her sex-capades. At least you have some fresh material for jerking off to, even if you are still tragically alone.

Your girlfriend is cheating on you. It’s true. And she just sent me another pic, too. These ones of her (actual) boyfriend’s dick. It’s huge. And guess what? He is a black guy! Don’t act like you’re surprised. She doesn’t glow like that after spending time in the bedroom with you.

My rates for email sessions are $20 per 5 emails, 4 photos. Set up an email session with me in the next week and mention this blog and I’ll send you an extra email and photo!


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