Cuckold Husband I Don’t Know He Knows I Cheat!


Cuckold husband I Don’t Know He Knows I cheat! You heard me right; I have been cheating on my boring husband for so long now. I started cheating because he would ignore me sexually, and when we did fuck, it was always such dull and standard missionary sex. He never let me play around with his cock. God forbid if I asked for oral sex. Yes, our sexual experience was and always had been so boring. I loved my husband, and we had built a great life for ourselves and our kids. I just needed to be pounded and fucked in every way imaginable. My cuckold husband was aware of my cheating, but I did not know that.

I started by fucking my trainer at the gym, and he was also my first black guy. Wow, can I just say how very fucking good he was? We usually kept it with quickies at the gym or in the car. We then started seeing each other at my house when my husband and kids were away. It was a lot of fun, and I felt satisfied until my boss started hitting on me at work, and I went for it. I got that promotion I had been haggling for. Fucking my boss was not that great but was so much better than sex with my cuckold husband.


When I discovered young 20-year-old cock, holy fuck, I was enthralled. My daughter’s boyfriend became my new favorite fuck toy, and we managed to fuck in my bedroom many many times. He would sneak in on nights when my husband was away and after he had supposedly left for the night after seeing my daughter. Yes, I felt like a bad mom, but shit, his hard cock could stay hard all night long, dumping load after load inside my hot mommy pussy!


It was on a night like that when my cuckold husband at that creamy cum for the first time. He came home very early in the morning, just missing the young stud by minutes. My pussy was so full of cum after fucking all night long. I was so tired, but my husband strode through the door and undressing; he had a heavy, hungry look in his eyes while watching me lay in the bed. I had never seen this look in my cuckold husband’s eyes before. He yanked the covers back and slid between my thighs and began eating that slick cum filled hot ravished pussy.

It was apparent he was hungry for it, and I was so thrilled at his unusual attention that I really got into it squeezing that cum right into his mouth. Later, he never said anything, and time went on. Always he would eat my pussy if he came home soon after I got fucked. Or sometimes I would go home full of cum knowing he was home and have him eat me. Every time my cuckold husband was greedy for it.


I continued to find more and more men to fuck because, as it turns out, I am quite the dirty whore and love men of all ages, sizes, and races. There was a lot of experimentation, but I must say the young black men were my favorite. My schedule stayed hectic, and I was making all kinds of excuses to be out late and stay gone overnight. Eventually, I even got more daring by having more and more partners meeting me at my house. My husband always seemed to arrive just shortly after my lover had left. His timing was still impeccable, and after some time, I noticed he would always go down on me after those fuck sessions but not if I had been good and not fucked anyone.

Curiously, I looked about the room and discovered a hidden camera. It was linked to the wifi, and I was shocked. Had my husband been spying on me? In our bedroom. That meant that he knew about my cheating and that he was a cuckold husband. Then the actual realization sunk in. He was turned on by it. I knew I had to confront him, but how.


So I came up with a plan. First, I was going to disconnect the wifi camera. Then I would have one of my lovers who was down for it stay until my husband came home. He would find us fucking. We would see if he was going to join or toss me out. One way or another, I was going to know if my boring cuckold husband wanted to get kinkier than I could ever imagine.

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Stay tuned for part 2!