You know this latest boyfriend of mine, he’s a nice guy and all, but I soon found out his cock is way too small to be useful. Yes, he’s good at licking pussy and that’s a plus and I must say he’s more than proficient at it, but this small cock problem…Well I told him the only way I’d continue to see him was if I’d still be allowed to see other men on the side. He understood his cock was sub par, so he didn’t have an issue with it.

After a while, as I got to know him better, he told me this was an ongoing thing within is relationships with women, you know, because of his small cock. That sure didn’t surprise me one bit! He actually confessed because of this he’d developed a thing for cuckolding, and it’s a good thing for him, since it seems all relationships will be this way because of his dick. He said he was not only ok with me seeing other men, but could I possibly bring them back here and let them fuck me as he watched? I said I’d have to think about that, but he said it would really turn him on to watch another man with a normal or above average size cock fuck me as he watched, stroking his cock and watching me get satisfied.

A few weeks later, I mentioned this to one of the two men I’ve been seeing and he said he was ok with doing it in front of him. So we came back and went into the bedroom while my boyfriend looked on sitting across the room rubbing his cock as I sucked on my other guys cock, as he licked my pussy, then as he fucked me doggy style. I was a bit self conscious at first, but after a while didn’t notice it. After my new guy had cum in me a couple of times, and he left, my boyfriend asked if I’d let him clean the cum out of me and I said that was fine, and did he go to town on that cream pie! He loved every drop of it. I think this little arrangement will work out just fine.

Call me now and see if you’ll be lucky enough to watch the show!