Cuckold – The Day I Made Him My Bitch

Cuckold – He had been after me forever it seemed.  Watching me.  Stalking me.  I was scared to death for a while.  But I took my power back.  I smelled him as I went in the door, turned,  and pulled out my gun and forced him inside.  I was sick and tired of being hunted.  He cried and uttered words that I could not of everyone.  USE HIM!  He will eat pussy and he will be fucked up his ass.  And HARD.  He will love it.  And deserves it.

Make him cry and beg for it  DO IT.

And I am going to watch while I’m being fucked by a real man.  Make him watch me don’t hear clearly.   Didn’t care at that point.  Had plans that night with friends that were coming over along with my lover.  I ordered him to undress and put on my white dress, panties, thigh highs, and heels.  “You WILL serve my guests and you WILL do everything required. Got it?”  He nods in submission  Good boy.  The party continues and I go to the kitchen and there he was jacking off.  What in the actual fuck?

Did I give you permission to get off?

Grabbing him by the hair into the living room in for a real man.  Every single guest of mine took his mouth, his super sorry small dick, and his ass.  “Who is your Mistress, you piece of shit?”  “Who do you worship and serve?”I want you to crawl to me and drink all that cum between my legs you worthless bitch, cum whore.  You love it, didn’t you?  Admit it, my pet.  Ohhhh.. my sweet.  If you eat all of that cum out of me right.  I might let you fuck me.  Until then, you have to hold it.  Don’t you dare cum without my permission.  Period.

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