I decided to work late one night to get caught up on some necessary paperwork so I called my boyfriend to let him know I would be home late. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, he was use to me working until all hours of the night. This one particular evening after I left work, I decided to stop to grab us some take-out. To my surprise, when I returned home from a long day’s work, I found my boyfriend dancing around the house, not only wearing my dress and high heels, but my bra and panties as well. At first, I was taken aback because I was not expecting it but then the more I looked at him, it began to turn me on. His cross-dressing desires ultimately unleashed my inner beast. I could feel myself getting aroused by my deep lustful thoughts of what I wanted to do to him

I walked into my bedroom and opened my drawer. Inside was the one “toy” I was dying to experiment on him. I thought that this was the perfect moment. My boyfriend came into the bedroom, fully dressed in my clothes, curious as to what I was holding in my hand. I told him that I loved what he was doing, dressing up in my clothes and that I was excited by it. I undressed myself, standing in front of him, now completely naked. I wanted him to switch roles with me. He was already wearing my clothes but would I be able to convince him to let me fuck him in the ass.

It didn’t take long to for me to persuade him to let me bend him over, as he did me, and fuck his ass. I attached the harness on my hips with the 8” vibrating dong. I was going to tear his ass up. He went to the edge of the bed, dropped the dress from his body to the floor, and crawled on the bed. He begged me to let him keep the bra and panties on. I agreed. I was about to make my boyfriend my new bitch and I was enjoying every minute of it. I grabbed my lube, pulled the thong off to the side and drenched his asshole with lubricant. I thought about going easy on him but I wanted him to remember every last detail of this experience. As I was tickling his asshole with the dong, he began to moan with pleasure. I teased him for a few minutes not allowing him to be certain as to when his ass was going to be rammed. Finally, I slammed that dong deep inside of his ass. I grabbed his hips and began pounding away. The harder I would thrust the dong into his ass, the more he would moan out. I knew he loved this. I leaned forward, grabbed his sissy arms and held them together, by tying them up. Pounding away at his ass, not missing a beat, he begged me to let him stroke his cock. I reluctantly untied his arms and pulled out of him.

Strapon bf

With the bra and panties still on him, I flipped his ass over so he was lying on his back. I ripped the thong off of him. I lifted his legs up over my shoulders and slammed the dong back into that tight little asshole of his. He was so turned on by my hips thrusting into his body that he began to stroke his cock. His moans were evidence that I knew what he wanted. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I rammed his ass until he couldn’t take it anymore. With each stroke of his hand along his cock, I knew he was ready to cum. I continued to FUCK his ass harder while he was stroking his hard dick, the cum shot out of his cock all over his stomach. He was finally my BITCH!