Crazy Sex Stories With Mommy Nicky are always my favorite!

Do you enjoy having super amazing fun times having phone sex with naughty girls!? Let me tell you about one of the AMAZING adventures Mommy Nicky and I had together! You will be shocked and your cock will totally be twitching by the time I have finished!

Last night Daddy called! He told me he had a surprise for me, and that I was to be a good obedient little slut for him! I was totally game, I love playing with Daddy when he calls me! So Daddy gets me on the phone, and that’s when I hear it!! A lady’s voice coming through the other side of the phone sex line!

I knew I was in for it when I heard her mischevious chuckle come over the phone line! She told me that she and Daddy had all sorts of naughty fun planned for the three of us! I was amazed as I sat there listening to her tell me all of the super naughty things we were going to be doing! How I was going to be her own personal little fuck slut to tease and please!

She told me that she’d known that I had been sneaking out and seeing guys and being naughty while her and my Daddy were away. That it was the time that they both taught me a very valuable lesson about growing up and being a big girl! I was so shocked!!

I love Crazy Sex Stories With Mommy!!

Could you imagine how it would make you feel if your Mommy told you hat she was going to teach you how to be naughty!? SO HOT right?! I was shaking in my boots when I heard her tell me that, I had looked up to Mommy for so long and only wanted to be just like her!
Pretty, Sexy, and a Total Slut!!

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