Crazy sex stories at a Hollywood adult bookstore.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend told me that he had a fantasy about fucking in an adult bookstore video booth. The idea of public sex in a place that could give us an eager audience really turned him on. Because I am a sexually adventurous soul that is always down to fuck, I spent the next few days looking for the perfect adult bookstore for us to make his public sex fantasy a reality. Little did I know, that when I found the perfect sex shop for our public sex adventure, I was setting us up for some crazy sex stories.

It’s Saturday night, the perfect time for my boyfriend and I to start out on our public sex adventure. I put on a pair of black crotchless panties and a cupless bra underneath my favorite red body dress, along with my favorite pair of black pumps. We had a few drinks at my place to loosen us up and give us a shot of liquid courage. When we got to the store we went straight to the row of video booths at the back of the store. We found an empty booth in the center of the row, put in a few dollars to start a porn video of a fat BBC sliding into a nice tight pink pussy, and got ready for our first public sex adventure.

As we watched the movie, I could feel my boyfriend’s cock getting harder as I sat on his lap.

I pulled my dress up over my tits, making full use of my crotchless panties and cupless bra. My boyfriend slowly slid his cock into my snatch. I moaned softly as he pushed deeper into me. I spread my legs wide as I rode his cock reverse cowgirl. Wanted to make sure that we gave any passers-by a really good show. We didn’t get the audience we wanted, but our public sex show did get some attention. Even though I thought I was being quiet, my moans caught the attention of the clerk at the front of the store. When I saw the store clerk standing at the entrance to our booth, I wasn’t sure what to think.

The clerk had a stern look on his face and he didn’t seem happy about finding up fucking in his store. My body went flush with embarrassment as my mind raced to find something to say to the store clerk. I was desperate to explain away the sex that he was witnessing. Before I could get a word out, my boyfriend grabbed my tits and said: “Don’t just stand there dude, get your cock out and join us.” The clerk smiled as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.  Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and took the clerk’s fat 8-inch cock down my throat. Having two cocks in me turned me on in ways I didn’t think were possible.

I needed all of my holes filled. I could tell by the way he was pounding my pussy, that my boyfriend loved seeing my mouth stuffed with cock as he fucked me.

Then I leaned over further to get more of the clerk’s cock in my mouth. My boyfriend took that opportunity to spread my ass and slide two fingers into my hungry asshole. Having my mouth, cunt and ass filled was too much. My pussy exploded with cum, soaking my boyfriend’s cock.  I could feel the clerk’s stiff cock throbbing in my throat Almost simultaneously, my boyfriend and the clerk filled my twat and my mouth with thick loads of cum. Feeling two cocks unloading into me was exactly what I needed to cum on my boyfriend’s cock one more time.

As I swallowed his load, the clerk pulled his cock out of my mouth and went back to work at the front of the store. I pulled down my dress as my boyfriend put his cock away. We left the store knowing that we had just added another chapter to our crazy sex stories

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