Covered In Cum At College

Read part 1- College Boy Gets A Hand Job Here. The roommate gave me one last look and said to Chad “God, look at her licking up that cum. Let’s see just how much she likes it.” and left. I wondered where he was going and Chad said: “John’s up to something but don’t worry, he’s okay.” It turns out he was okay but kinky as fuck because he came back with Sean who apparently was in a room down the hall. I saw the three college boys looking at me and thought ‘Gangbang, yay!’ but didn’t quite get it right.

  I got off the bed and started to get undressed but they didn’t. I let them watch as I stripped off then John pushed me down on the ground. Then I fell and got up on my knees, staring up at them. John undid his jeans and started to stroke his dick while the other two watched. He looked at them and said “Well? don’t you want to see this slut covered in our cum? I bet she’d love that.” He looked at me “Am I right?” I told him I fucking loved it and I wanted it to drip down my face, over my tits, and down my stomach.

He laughed and called me a slut as Sean started getting into it.

Chad stayed on the bed and watched us, he was semi-hard but needed a bit of time since he’d just cum. John stood in front of me, his dick so close to my face and I felt my pussy gush. I played with my tit with one hand and my other hand slid down to my pussy. I rolled my nipple between my fingers as a finger pushed into my wet pussy. John kept jerking off and I slid a second finger inside me. We fucked ourselves as Sean and Chad watched. John groaned and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me close to him as his other hand pumped his dick.
I rested my head against him and stroked his upper thigh as he started to cum. It shot across my face and dripped down my cheek. When he was done he pushed my head away from him and his dick brushed across my face, leaving a thin sticky thread of cum on it. “Next time aim for my mouth,” I told him and Sean knelt down beside me. He pushed my hand out of my pussy and roughly shoved a finger inside me as his other hand pumped his dick. “Fucking slut’s dripping,” he told the guys and fingered me while his hand worked his dick.

Chad comes closer and I reached up.

Playing with his empty balls as he jerked off at the sight of us. I was getting close to cumming myself when Sean started to cum. He leaned forward, aiming for my chest as he came. It hit just above my tits and dripped down between them as a few drops actually landed on my tits. He took his fingers away and I felt frustrated as hell. I was so close, thank God my boyfriend was at home and is good enough to make sure my pussy gets what it needs. Chad gave a little shudder as he came again even though only a little dribble leaked out of him.

Oh well, the other two definitely made up for it.

     I felt sticky and wet as globs of cum dripped down me. Sean left while Chad and John fixed their clothes. I got dressed, my top sticking to the wetness on me and told them to call me if they ever needed a study break then left so my boyfriend could pound my pussy.

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