College Girls can be so damn cruel.

I had been dating him for three perfect years before Adam dumped me out of nowhere. I had had my suspicions when we went off to college but he promised everything was okay. It turns out that “okay” means two college girls on their knees sharing his cock while I was gone. So, as any sane sexy girl would, I set out for my sweet revenge and I had the perfect plan.

Adam’s father had always seemed interested in college girls and even brought a few home to meet the family. He also had a habit of trying to get me alone which seemed like destiny to me. I called him and asked if he needed any help around the house making sure to say I really needed the cash. It didn’t surprise me when he eagerly agreed and we set up for a visit that afternoon. I had recently bought a little outfit for Adam but seeing as he wouldn’t be needing it I decided his father might appreciate it.When Mr. Reeds answered the door he couldn’t hide his shock. The skimpy maids uniform was doing its best to cover my ass as I walked past him into the house.

Room Service!

I couldn’t even begin my work before Mr.Reeds came up behind me and pressed his hard cock against me. I turned to face him and dropped to my knees not wanting to waste any time. When he stripped for me I was amazed at how much bigger he was! I made my way up his shaft dragging my tongue over his sensitive skin. When I wrapped my mouth around the tip Mr. Reeds moaned in a way I had never heard. My tight teen pussy was dripping down my thighs as I slid each inch into my mouth. College girls can be cruel but this was something else. I needed him and I was damn sure I was going to have him.

Phone Sex Kingdom

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