She’s lucky her ex’s dad can’t resist college girls!

Mr. Reeds laced his hands through my hair as I took every inch of his thick cock down my throat. I took my time and savored the sweet taste of his throbbing member. We both knew what I was here for and we didn’t plan on stopping at oral sex. Most college girls would be satisfied after fucking a guys dad- but that’s not me. I wanted him wrapped around my finger to use whenever I said the word. Something in Mr.Reeds’ eyes said he didn’t mind it one bit.

He thrust into my mouth one more time before pulling himself out and replacing his cock with his thumb. I sucked his finger slowly as he guided me to the bedroom and eagerly threw me onto the bed. I watched as he stripped for me, taking in every bit of revealed skin. Chills came over my body as Mr. Reeds crawled on top of me, pinning me down by my wrists. His lips met mine and then slowly traced down my neck. My wrists easily fit into his palm and he made use of his free hand in his own time. He liked to tease me and watch as my body arched in anticipation.

We needed each other in a way we hadn’t realized…

I was dripping wet and my body needed him to use it. I couldn’t stop from trembling as he slid my panties to the side and dipped his finger inside me. He held me in place as he slowly slid another finger inside my aching hole. I couldn’t believe how desperate I was to be stretched out. It was no secret that Mr. Reeds liked college girls, but he definitely knew how to make our bodies react. I couldn’t fight the urge any longer as my body slipped into a powerful orgasm. I had no control as I covered his fingers in my cum and I loved it. He gave me a smile as he slid his fingers out of me and took them into his mouth to taste.

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