What a college girl wants..

A college girl gets! Except it wasn’t always what I thought I wanted. I’ve always been a little slut- though not a whore. It’s the smallest change in term that makes alll the difference. I love to show off and dress up like a tease. The goal of my game is always to entice and keep people wondering, looking over my curves.. The longer I can keep them looking, the better! However, I totally didn’t realize that all my showing off was because I was craving even more attention. I wanted to be turned into a little whore all along but didn’t know it until I got more than I bargained for.

I lost a bet one night.

It was a simple bet with one of my friends, I practically dared him to take way too many shots, and he pulled it off. So when he proved me wrong, he dared me to go with him to a frat party, without any panties. Can you imagine? A college girl at a frat party, in a tiny skirt, without any panties. I thought it was a doomed idea from the start, but he wouldn’t let me backtrack out of it! He was so damn mean about it, too. I let him pick out the skirt and he went with the shortest little cheerleader-style pencil skirt that he could find. I was practically showing off my ass that entire night..

But it didn’t get out of hand until I walked past a group of the football players, chillin’ on the couch and having beers. They were busy watching the game, which is why Joey had way too much fun forcing me to strut right across their field of vision and obscure the TV for a few seconds with my ass. Can you fucking imagine? Their train of thought hit a brick wall and derailed entirely. From then on, I was theirs for the night.. and oh, the things they made me do.. 😉 But I’ll save the juicy tidbits for you if you want to find out more.. ♥

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