Getting creampied on Christmas by Santa Daddy!


I have a family Christmas party and want a Christmas screw from my hot Santa Daddy. I can’t wait to get fucked by him. Thoughts of getting Santa Daddy’s big hard cock has my pussy aching. Dressing in a sexy elf costume and some cute pinstripe stockings and heels. This outfit will make his cock get extra hard.

I’ll be Santa Daddy’s naughty little cum slut elf! I’m ready for my Christmas screw. First I’ll get on my knees and suck on his cock. Working my tongue over his shaft like I’m sucking a candy cane. I take every inch into my throat. Deep-throating Santa Daddy’s cock always makes me gag. But he loves it! His cock starts to throb and twitch.

This is a Christmas screw story!

I’m so ready for Santa Daddy to fuck me and give me a cum slut breeding finish! I want to feel his cum creampie my tight little pussy. Santa Daddy takes his cock and teases over my wet pussy lips. Making me beg for him to fuck me. “Please Santa Daddy! Fuck me with your big peppermint stick!” I scream when he takes me in one hard thrust.

Santa Daddy grabs my hips and pins me under him. Jack hammering my little pussy hard with his thick cock during our Christmas screw. The way he stretches me makes my pussy tremor and milk his cock. He fists my hair and forces me to look at his face while he claims my pussy. “Look at me when you cum on my cock, slut!” The way his cock pounds me I quickly cum on his cock.

The fucking doesn’t end there!

Santa Daddy flips me over onto all fours and slams back into me. A gasp of pleasure leaves my lips as he starts fucking me. His jingle balls are banging off my clit every time his cock sinks deep into me. I can’t take how amazing his Christmas screw is. My pussy is already milking him and ready to cum again! Fuck, I need it so bad.

“Cum for me again slut!” “Yes, Santa Daddy! Oh Fuck I’m cumming!”

His order has me careening over the edge. Cumming so hard I squirt all over his big stick. My juices puddle under us as he fucks me through the orgasm. He never lets it end before another one hits me. My tight pussy milking him for all his cock is worth. I need him to creampie me. That’s how this Christmas screw has to end. His thrusting gets erratic, harder, deeper, and faster. His grunt and the swelling of his cock tell me he’s filling me up and breeding me.

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