Making Daddy Be My HOE HOE HOE


I thought about how crazy it was that I was sneaking into daddy’s secret penthouse but I knew once I did some mistress domination he would listen to whatever I said.  Daddy loved mistress domination…and what better way to initiate it than surprising him and catching him off caught. I loved being able to control daddy’s cock, his money and his mood.

Mistress Domination fueled something dark and naughty inside of me

I loved being able to make men tremble. Which is also exactly how I got into his penthouse. I told the door guy, Greg, who has seen me on more than one occasion with daddy, that I needed to go hide a surprise Christmas gift. Little did he know that I was the surprise gift, however with a sloppy blow job he let me stay in the loft until daddy got home.

I set up my mistress domination tools right next to the Christmas tree. On the mistress domination tool table I had handcuffs, Christmas lights, butt plugs, candles for wax pouring, a whip, a feather, an 8inch strap on and a blind fold. I looked over it all sprawled out and ready for me to use and I felt my pussy start to get wet. I loved taking control of daddy. Both of us got off on it. I heard the elevator start to open and sat down, in only lingerie in front of the Christmas tree.

Daddy was VERY HAPPY to see his mistress domination babe waiting for him

I put my finger up to my mouth, signaling to him not to say one word. It was my time. I was in charge. Coaxing him over the couch by just bending over in front of him. I used one hand to pull my panties to the side,wanting him to see my wet pink pussy. Get him motivated to be a good little fuck toy. He stripped down to nothing, his cock hard and erect

Slowly, walking over to me, he slipped my red panties off of me and slid them onto his self. I pulled him back onto the couch, tying his legs and arm in the Christmas lights. It was time to tease my daddy. I lit the candle, letting it burn and the wax melt and fill the top. I put the blindfold over his face and told him he was not to say one word during the next 5 minutes.

He flinched but made no sound as I poured the wax over his nipples

I knew it had to be hot, so for taking it so well, I leaned over pulling his cock out of my panties and started sucking him off. Wanting to take all of him and shove it down my throat. I loved rewarding him for taking pain so well it brings me pleasure. This mistress kept sucking and stroking him off until I started to taste his pre cum. I then went back to pain. I love mistress domination. Rolling him onto his side, I slipped a lubed up buttplug inside of him.

Do you want to hear how I cared for daddy the rest of the night??? Give me a call 😊

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