A little chopstick torture to add more fun..

Chopstick torture was something that just kind of flew into my head. I was looking online for more ideas that I could incorporate into my play sessions with a very masochistic sub.. and then someone suggested something as simple as using some pencils and rubber bands to cause a little pain, but I wanted to take it a step further. Pencils would be too easy and plain. I would use the pretty little black and red ‘hair’ accessory chopsticks that I always use to wear my hair up when I’m around him. It completely caught him off guard, because I usually come in with a little bag of goodies that I’m going to use to play with him. The toys, the vibrators, dildos, clamps.. All of it goes neatly in a little bag, which he was surprised to find missing the last time we played. But his curiosity was quickly fulfilled when I got him all tied up on the bed, and pulled the pins out of my hair, along with a few black rubber bands.

I let my fingers softly wander down his cock, teasing, stroking him just enough to rile him up when I slipped down to give it one simple, little kiss. He was budding and rock hard right at my lips, which made it all the more fun when I lined those chopsticks up right next to it, holding them steady, and wrapped those bands around his cock nice and right. He groaned and shifted under me, his cock throbbing as I added more pressure. I pulled on one chopstick, holding the other one steady..and right when he thought he had a little release from me holding them apart, I let it snap back against his dick. Snap! Snap! Snap! His cock ached and reddened under me, the chopstick torture doing its job and leaving little dark pink marks all over him. He was loving every bit of it.. for the time being. I wouldn’t stop until he was begging and calling my name.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali