Cheating wife stories keep my boring marriage tolerable

I have a very high sex drive. Some may even consider me a nymphomaniac. The urge to fuck overcomes me 8-10 times per day. My husband has never been able to keep up with my cock cravings. In the beginning of my marriage I tried to stay faithful, but after a few months of not getting enough sex, I turned into a cheating wife. This week I noticed a sexy new guy moving into the house next door. Time to add more cheating wife stories to my growing collection.

Bored housewives like me are always the first ones to notice someone moving into the neighborhood. As I was seeing my husband off to work I noticed a tall handsome man with dark hair moving into the house across the street. I watching the man and his friends moving furniture and boxes into the house. Based on the amount of exercise equipment he was bringing and the horrible state of his furniture it was safe to assume that this guy is single. Watching a group of hot fit guys working hard in the summer sun was such a turn on. I decided it was time to do the neighborly thing and introduce myself to the new neighbor.

To make a positive first impression on the new neighbor, I need a welcoming gift.

I ordered a pizza for the house across the street. While I waited for the pizza to arrive I put on a tiny yellow sundress, a pair of strappy flat sandals and a sexy smile. When I saw the pizza delivery kid arrive across the street, I grabbed a 6-pack of my husband’s beer and made my way across the street to introduce myself to the new neighbor. I got across the street just as the pizza boy was going to knock on the door. I paid for the pizza, turned around and knocked on the door.

A tall handsome man with dark hair and a muscular chest answered the door. I introduced myself as the across the street neighbor and I wanted to welcome him to the neighborhood.

He introduced himself as Elliot as he invited me into his new home.

As Elliot and his friends dug into the pizza and beer, I took a seat on a mattress that was still waiting to be moved into its new bedroom. After Elliot and the guys finished their pizza, I lifted my sundress over my head and told them that pizza and beer weren’t the only things the welcome wagon has to offer today. Elliot walked over to me and grabbed my tits. His large hands made my nipples hard. Elliot knelt down to suckle at my nipples while one had slid between my legs and into my wet snatch. I pulled back from Elliot and pulled his hard cock out of his basketball shorts.

I got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his hard cock. When I bent over I made sure that I gave his friends a good view of my dripping wet pussy. As I sucked Elliot’s cock, one of his friends took advantage of my open love tunnel and slid his tongue into my pussy.  

Elliot pulled my pussy away from his friend and laid me on my back. He spread my legs wide and slid his fat cock into my cunt as he devoured my tits.

I arched my back and leaned my head back. His friend slid his cock into my open mouth. When I came over Elliot’s today, I had every intention of getting fucked, but ending up in the middle of a cheating wife gang bang was better than I ever could have imagined. Elliot and his friends fucked me hard for the rest of the morning. They sent me home to my husband wet, sore and full of cum. I’m sure Elliot and I will get together again soon, but this encounter may go down in history as the most impressive of all of my cheating wife stories.

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