A Cheating Wife meets SEXY Contractor

Cheating Wife,  it was a Saturday when my basement flooded. It was a Wednesday when I met The contractor. He walked in my front door, looked at me, introduced himself,  “Hey I am Brad the contractor”. He shook my hand and my mind began to wonder could I be the cheating wife with a pathetic husband who fucks the contractor? I then proceeded to show him the flood damage in my basement, we went over pricing, contracts, and the amount of time it would take to fix the damages.

He started the next day, and brought his whole crew which consisted of 3 workers. This time he was wearing a tool belt and I began getting wet in my panties watching him work and order his workers around. SO HOT! One week later he asked if he could use my computer to show me the document that the insurance company sent him. I replied with “of course you can use my computer”, he then opened my computer and a porn popped up with the title “getting fucked by the contractor”.

He turned and looked at me and I was so embarrassed.

I began to apologize and we both started busting out laughing. He stood up and hugged me and told me not to be embarrassed. I tried to hide my blushing face and as I did he put his hands on my face. He pulled my chin up and got very close to my lips and whispered “if you ever want to fulfill your fantasy, I am more than available” and kissed my nose. I exhaled and walked away with a smile and kept talking to myself about could I be a cheating wife. I’d be a cheating wife with that pathetic husband who has no idea what I am doing.

It was the last day for Brad to work on my home. He came alone today without the workers and I signed the final walk through papers that stated he was complete in his work. I signed them at my kitchen table, when I gave him back his pen I leaned in close and said “come with me”. He smiled and followed. I took him into my hallway and began to kiss him and put my hands down his pants to feel his stiff cock. He then grabbed my hair and turned me around and pulled up my skirt and took my panties off. Placed his warm tongue on my pussy from the back then pulled his pants down. He pulled my hair as he began to fuck my tight pussy from the back.

He fucked me hard and fast and I was cumming all over his cock.

I turned around got on my knees and sucked my pussy off his cock until he came in my mouth. When we were all done I felt like such a naughty slut for being a cheating wife. He tasted so good. We kissed again and he pulled up his pants and asked me to breakfast. I said yes and that is how I became the cheating wife with the pathetic husband who has no clue. My pathetic husband was at work thinking I was at home saying goodbye to the contractor and doing laundry. But in fact I was really fucking the contractor and being a cheating wife who does not do laundry.


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