The world is full of sexy men and women, ripe for the picking. I am here working my way through the masses with my sexy tight pussy and magical lips. Of course, I know there are risks with being a naughty married slut, but never did I see this Cheating Wife GIF coming. Now, I am going viral with a huge pecker inside me.

I am loving it! My husband loves me too much to go anywhere. He is aware of my extracurricular activity. I don’t think he expected me to become a cheating wife GIF. However, when you are this good, people want a piece of you! Oh, and I love sharing all my pieces with others. These beautiful tits of mine are soft, with firm nipples. It is intoxicating driving my partners crazy.

Then they are making a Cheating Wife GIF to remember me by.

I am not even sure who did it. I am juggling quite a few side partners so it could be any one of them. It isn’t upsetting me either. It is funny and fun that they enjoy me so much they want to share it on social media. Of course, I know they were doing it to be mean, but that isn’t how I am taking it. Life is short and I am having fun while I am here.

This sexy bitch is going to keep on playing with others. Whether I am doing some Big Tits Tease Edging with my playmates or just regular hot sex, it is all fun and games. And, if you think about it, when they are posting my Cheating Wife GIF, it is bringing me more fun people to play with. So, keep on posting silly boys.

I think they are hoping my husband will divorce me.

That isn’t going to happen. He loves me just the way I am and he even does some cuckold play with me. I am telling you, he is amazing and I am lucky to have a guy so easy going. One thing is certain, he is addicted to me and the sex we are having. He is a happy guy with things the way they are.

When my friend sent me the Cheating Wife GIF, I was showing my husband and he said, “Oh, we should have him over for some cuck fun!” I was on the phone with the guy in my GIF and he is saying it wasn’t him. He thinks his girlfriend was on his phone and found that picture of us. She was trying to hurt me but all she is doing is helping me.

A sad little creature she is.

My fuck buddy friend said she is bad in bed and that is why he has to go out and play with strange. It is good for me because he is a great fuck. Oh, the things he is doing during the actual fucking! Oh my goodness, he can be teaching my husband if he is here for some cuckold fun with us.

Of course, he is in love with my oral skills. I am that fucking good and love sharing during my Oral Expert Phone Sex sessions. I started pretty young and continue to hone my amazing skills so that everyone I am playing with gets off. Additionally, the things I do to pussies makes those girls skirt every time. They are always telling me they have never had pussy eating like mine.

I love hearing that from my sex buddies.

If you have read any of my blogs you know there is no shame in my game. I love showing off for neighbors, experimenting with new fetishes, and everything else I come across. Now, I do love some big dicks, so if you are coming to me with tiny cocks, you should be expecting my intense SPH. I don’t have time to play with little dicks.

The guys going into this hot tight pussy are nice and big. Even the strapons my female fuck buddies wear are big. I want my holes filling up to the brim during my escapades. All this fun I am having is great for my husband too. As I am learning new things we are trying them out at home. Are you curious about how good I am? If so, call me to play!

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