A Sexy Caller’s Fantasy – Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor

Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor – do you recall my sexy caller’s story involving a blushing bride-to-be and her sinning pastor? If not, it’s time to refresh your memory with my erotic sex stories!

Anything that involves sinning, blasphemy, religion and completely inappropriate behavior never fails to make me cum! So without further ado, get naked with me and let’s rekindle Erik’s story together – Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor.

It had been a while since Carmen’s wedding day. The sight of her full lips and mouth abandoning herself in a gagging deepthroat BJ haunted my mind every day. I still remembered how stunning she looked. And to be honest, it had been tough to resist an erection during her wedding ceremony. Of course, these feelings always shamed me. After all, not only was I a man of God, but I had also been married for over a decade.

Neither her nor her lucky husband had reached out to me since their wedding day. I didn’t expect a sequel to the sinful events at all, let alone one that would be called Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor. Thus I was pretty much shocked when Carmen strolled into my office at the church one afternoon.

The secretary was gone for the day, and for a split second I wish she was still here. The sight of Carmen brought back a whirlpool of feelings. I had tried to bury these sentiments in the past couple of months but in vain. Excitement bordering on a sweet intoxication, iced with layers of confusion and guilt tingled through me still. Despite me, my cock twitched at her sight and I knew at once that she meant trouble.

What would happen next? Surely she didn’t mean to proceed with Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor, or something of the likes? She was a married woman now. Wasn’t she happy?

Carmen had darkened her hair and wore a short pleated skirt. Her white blouse, with only a couple of buttons fastened, at once grabbed my attention. The shirt was tied right above her bare, flat stomach. She had definitely been working out and keeping in shape. Not to mention that her perfect tits bounced as she flounced towards me,

But her brown eyes were somewhat vacant. They revealed that she was missing something in her life. What exactly, I hadn’t a clue but I tried to remain professional as best as I could.

“Hello Carmen,” I greeted her politely. “Can I help you with something?”

She sat down in a chair across from me. Then she saw I was avoiding eye contact, grinned, and then frowned slightly.

Hesitating a bit, she leaned forward and once again my eyes were drawn to her large perky tits.

“Am I sexy, Pastor Erik?”

I was taken aback. What in the Good Lord’s name did she mean? The answer to that question was just as evident as the answer to how old the Earth was.

“I – I’m not sure if I should answer that question… Why do you ask?”

“My husband… Well, he doesn’t seem interested in me. I tried to please him like I pleased you on my wedding day but he avoids me and sometimes he even sleeps in a separate bed.” It was evident she was unhappy. She looked up again, her eyes swelling up with tears. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Looking at the door, I tried to push away my urges of anything remotely close to Naughty Wife Fucks Pastor.

I cleared my throat. “Carmen, I don’t know that the problem is you.”

“You might be right, Pastor. But when he gets hard… Well, as hard as he actually gets, cause he’s still sort of limp… His cock is nowhere near as hard and big as yours. Like on my wedding day. You remember that day, don’t you, Pastor Erik?”

It was a rhetorical question. My cock was now fully hard in my black plants. But we couldn’t repeat that incident, and I needed to stay true to myself and to my wife.

Carmen carried on. “And when we do have sex, he barely gets inside and then it is over so quickly. The most pleasure I get is when I suck him. Remember how wet I got when I sucked you?”

She smiled suggestively. Once again I tried to look away but her seductive smile was hypnotizing me. Not to mention that the sentence Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Pastor echoed in my mind like some sort of mantra.

“Yes, Carmen, I remember. But you must understand that we both sinned that day. We should not and must not let ourselves be consumed by sin.

“But Pastor Erik, I don’t get wet with my husband. She got up and sat on the desk. “I just want to feel that pleasure again.”

Will Pastor Erik give in to Carmen’s scandalous advances? Stay tuned for Part II of Naughty Cheating Wife Fucks Husband! In the meantime, call me at 1-888-413-5974 for the most creative, realistic and dirtiest role-play phone sex!

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