Neither of us is supposed to be here, though we know this how our cheating stories always start. She’s waiting for you, he’s waiting for me. Why in the world we decided to double date I have no idea. I’m supposed to sit there and watch as you hold her hand and laugh with her. However, at this moment you are mine. She is still at work. Of course, I know this because we do this just about every week. I never thought I would be the cheating wife, but what can a girl say.

I knock on the door and you answer in nothing but jeans and holding the towel that you no doubt used to dry that perfect body off with. Those perfect lips crease into a  smile, that cocky smile you always do when you see me. Wearing my white dress shirt and black skirt with black heels always makes me feel so sexy and I can tell you think the same thing.

I Just Got Off Work But I Was Craving You, I Need You.

“Come in, you thirsty? I was about to crack a beer.”
“Yea, I’ll take one.”

Leaning against the wall that leads to your bedroom while biting my lip I looking at you and all your sexiness as you cracks a beer. You turn and stare at me. Take a sip, set the beer down and rush to me. Kissing me, hand behind the ear making me want to melt into you. Then in one swift movement, you pick me up and carry me to your room. Putting me down you turn me around and unzip my skirt revealing the sexy black lace thong. I put it on just for you. In excitement, you rip my shirt off, bend me over the bed smacking my perfect sexy ass and pulling my panties down.

You Lean In, “This Has To Stop”.

Your rock hard cock against my already dripping pussy is telling me a different story. Plus you say that every time. Yet here we are. The temptation is always too strong. Rubbing my ass against you, knowing how much you love a good tease, I crawl up on the bed. Feeling your hands spreading my pretty perfect cunt, I know you want to taste it, I can feel your breath on me. Leaning my body down pushing my pussy right in your face. You moan with pure lust and start eating your favorite meal. How are you so amazing? Licking every inch of this pussy, I throw my head back with and gasp for air as the orgasm peaks. You get so aggressive and I need your cock, I need you to fuck me like you never have before.

Flipping over, I pull you up to me, kissing you as I push you on your back. Getting on top, I rub my now soaking wet pussy all over your cock, slowly back and forth.

Then I Begin To Slide The Best Part Of You Into Me.

I’m gasping with pleasure and you take full advantage and just start pounding your cock into me. It makes me start screaming! I want you to tell me how I am so much better than her. Your dick has always been the biggest and best I have ever had! I know my pussy is the best or you wouldn’t be fucking me while the girl you are supposed to be in love with is at work. Grabbing a handful of my hair, you jerk my head back and ask me “How pissed do you think he would be if he found out you’ve been fucking him with my cum inside you?” I instantly cum, the cheating stories idea gets my pussy so wet. You push deep inside me and cum, I can feel your cock getting harder as you release the one thing I crave the most inside me.

I stand up, find my panties and skirt and put them on, grab one of your shirts since you ripped mine but I make sure to grab my ripped shirt as well. We don’t want to leave any evidence behind. All the while I am trying to come up with a story in my head as to why I have another man’s shirt on.

Could Our Cheating Stories Be The Mistake That Gets Us Caught?

You walk me to the front door. Giving me a deep long kiss as you open it. I know I should feel guilty about our cheating stories, but I don’t. Walking out the doors of your building, Jessica, your girlfriend is walking in. She was looking down and didn’t see me, however, I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on in my life.

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