Cheating Sex Stories: But Mommy!! Daddy said it wasn’t cheating!!

Cheating sex stories are always the best!! Especially when they involve someone as amazing as Mommy and Daddy in super naughty ageplay phone sex!

I love hanging out with Daddy and being super naughty with him! He always told me that mommy knew and then it was okay because it wasn’t cheating on her. Until one day I found out how super-duper naughty we were actually being.
So, Mommy came home early and found Daddy and me in the bed playing with each other. Daddy has his hands all over me, he was being super naughty! I love it when daddy puts his hands all the way in my pants, his fingers inside of me… But this day she was standing there in the doorway, watching her mouth open I could tell how angry she was she was so so so mad!
Have you ever been that mad that you do something super naughty? Something that you know you shouldn’t do but it just kinda happens? Well, mommy was totally that mad!! She came over and grabbed me by the hair and picked me up and told me how naughty I was being. She said that I was a very bad girl, and she slammed me down on… Who, ps can’t go that far!
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Let’s do this dude! So, I want to be so naughty to you, let’s get started and have some phone sex involving super naughty cheating sex stories!!!