Cheating sex stories about getting caught by your wife makes me horny!

Cheating happens. You get bored with your wife. You see someone sexy. Then you start flirting and fantasizing. And before you know it you’re fucking someone else. As a phone sex operator, I’ve heard so many cheating sex stories.

Some of my favorite cheating sex stories are about getting caught in the act. Most people don’t like to get caught because they don’t want to deal with hurt feelings. But, getting caught is also a real turn on for some people.

Some of the best phone sex comes in the form of story telling. I love to hear all the sexy stories about cheating and getting caught. A lot of people don’t want to get caught, but some do.

The story goes, he said he thought his wife was working all day. He had the day off so he invited his lover over for some hot sex.

They had mostly been having sex in their cars or in the office. But, this time they wanted to do it in a bed. Her huge tits were so hard to resist. He plunged her onto his marital bed. He ripped all her clothes off and slowly began kissing her from her lips to her pussy. Her pussy was already so wet and throbbing.

He pulled his pants down so he could stroke his hard aching cock while he sucked her clit.

He stuck two fingers into her pussy and began to stroke her g-spot. She arched her back and sucked her own nipples. He slid his finger in her ass. Her pussy lips were spread open and swollen. Her ass was hungry for his finger and she wanted it deeper. He pushed up with his fingers and really massaged her g-spot until it was hard and swollen. Her pussy started to contract. Her orgasm started to build. She started to squirt all over his face when his wife walked in.

His wife started to touch her pussy while she watched and she said the unexpected. “When are you going to make me squirt like that?” and he shot his load all over the floor.

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