Have fantasies about the neighborhood cheating house wife?

Cheating House Wife? Like that’s a BAD thing?!  Well, what’s a grown woman like me supposed to do when I’m left alone in this big old house all the time?     I cook, I clean, I run errands, I make sure the bills are paid on time. That’s work too. Hell, all I want at the end of the day is some dick. But my husband is never around for that and when he is….well, his tired ass just falls asleep before I can even get his dick hard enough to fuck me in the first place. It’s very frustrating. Well, it used to be anyway. I have NEEDS. So, since I take care of all the other needs of the household I decided to take care of my own needs too. I called a plummer the first time. Oh yes, and he fixed all of my leaky pipes.

He fucked me on the kitchen floor. Then another time I had to show the mailman exactly where to stick my special delivery. He drove it all the way up my ass on my husband’s easy chair.  When the gardener had his turn he irrigated my entire garden. He fucked my brains out by the rose bush. I’m still wet. Faking an attempted break in brought two of the sexiest cops to my front door to take my report. And I tell ya…police brutality never felt so damn good. I had one hot cop’s  10 inch cock down my throat while his partner wore my tight wet pussy out. And tonight I don’t feel like cooking. I think I’ll order pizza. I’m sure I can show the delivery boy what hot, spicy and gooey really means.

Oh well, I hear the door bell ring and I know that hot sexy pizza delivery boy is waiting outside for his money. I called late knowing that I’d be his last stop. I opened the door with just my silk robe on knowing that my nipples were popping out. “Oh how much is that, sweetie?” As he nervously hands me the pizza he says….”Uh…$17.69″.  “Oh….69….that’s my favorite position”. I could have sworn I saw his cock grow in his pants. “Honey would you like to come in for a minute I have to find the rest of my money.” “Oh yes maam….I would love to.” I offered him a seat and put on a show. I bent over my desk knowing he could see my ass cheeks and pulled out a hundred and twenty dollars. He said.”Oh maam that is way too much money”. I said, “No it isn’t. The twenty is for the pizza and your tip. The $100 is for you and that hot young hard cock in your pants. I want that cock to slide between my tits and then drive it in my pussy and then ram it in my ass. Is $100 enough or do you need more?” At that point he was on his knees and slid his tongue up my pussy and started eating me out. He fucked me so good that I gave him another $100.

Well, that’s what my husband gets for leaving me alone so much. A woman has needs. And this CHEATING HOUSE WIFE just wants to FUCK.