Cheating Girlfriend Sex Stories: I Cheated On My Boyfriend With My Ex

Cheating girlfriend sex stories! Yes! I know how much some of you guys like cheating and I want to give you a good story. And yes, this is a real story, I promise.

I was with Devin for a little while but met another guy who seemed to have more interest in me at the time. So, I gave that guy a chance. And it seemed that Devin didn’t like it one bit. Even though he tried saying he only liked me as a friend.

The new guy was named David. And he was pretty cool, actually. But, Devin was not having it. Every single day he would give me the cold shoulder since we were roommates.

And we fought a lot about everything. So, I just tried to avoid him as much as I could. Well, David and I had had sex a couple of times… but man, was it boring! I didn’t ever get off.

And he like didn’t like anal sex or asses at all. So, the second time we had sex I went home, disappointed. I sat on my bed, wondering what the hell I could do because Devin was the best sex I had ever had. So, I went to bed early and passed out.

Around 4 am I wake up to someone moving my blanket.

I about pissed myself but could see that it was Devin in the purple light given off by my fairy lights and he just crawled right in my bed and laid down next to me. I asked him what was up and he just shrugged. So, I laid down next to him and just stroked his hair. He closed his eyes and snuggled up to me.

I smiled but noticed a bulge in his pants. My eyes went huge and I said “Hey. What is that?” He just said “I’m sorry. You just do something to me.”

He began unzipping his pants and I watched as he slowly started stroking his dick. I couldn’t help it… I pulled my tits out of my nighty and he nuzzled right up against them. He kissed them and kept stroking harder and faster.

He came pretty quickly that night and went back to his bedroom after he cleaned up. I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. So, I just went back to sleep. Maybe it’ll be clear in the morning.

As soon as I woke up I walked into Devin’s room and crawled into his bed.

He woke up and smiled, seeing it was me. And we talked for a while as the rest of the house woke up… apparently, we talked for hours. He skipped school that day and we stayed in his bed talking.

We talked about my new relationship and how it made Devin feel and we talked about what happened at 4 am. Well, I closed my eyes for a few minutes cuz I was falling asleep when things went quiet for a bit. Next thing I know I am being kissed by Devin. And I jump up.

I look him in the eyes and before we knew it we were naked and fucking harder than we ever fucked before. He was pounding my pussy and I swear, his balls must’ve bruised me. It was fucking insane but it felt so fucking good. Then he came all over my face.

Everyone in the house was gone so we showered together. It was that moment that I realized that I had cheated but goddammit, it felt fucking amazing. I’m just a slutty nerd, I guess!

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