I thought I had gotten away with cheating.

I had been cheating on my long-term boyfriend for about a year. Wasn’t at the point that I wanted to leave him but I had some really strong feelings for the guy I had been seeing. When I got home from going out with some friends my long-term boyfriend started to come on to me. This is something that he hasn’t really done for a while so it took me by surprise.

He started getting kinky and pulled out a little blindfold. Sliding it on over my head I felt him get off of the bed to take off his clothes. I wondered if he found out that I was cheating because this was very unlike him. When he got back on the bed he didn’t say a word. Spreading my legs I felt his tongue lick up my slit and begin teasing my clit. As I tried to arch my back to press my pussy into his face, even more, he grabbed a hold of my thighs and pressed me down onto the bed. That wasn’t really like him but then again it had been a long time since we were intimate so I wasn’t really sure anymore.

Sliding a finger into my pussy, he continued working it over.

I felt an orgasm begin to swell up in me but he must have felt the change as well because he started going faster. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and finally started squirting cum all over his face. He took my legs and pressed them up into my chest which again was something he didn’t really do either but I wasn’t about to complain.

I think the only thing that was keeping me from moaning louder as he pressed into me was the dilemma of having sex with him while I had feelings for the man I had been cheating on him with. His cock stretched my pussy as he worked it in and out. Even though I could tell he wasn’t giving me all of it I still couldn’t stop myself from letting go of the internal dilemma. My moans slid from my lips as his cock started to penetrate me even more.

Once he started fucking me harder I felt the full length of his cock pounding into me and knew that something was off. Finally, he reached down and pulled the blindfold from my eyes and there in front of me was the one I really wanted to be fucking all along. The sexy man I had been cheating on my long-term boyfriend with. I quickly turned my head to see my boyfriend sitting in a chair next to the bed watching us.

What the fuck was going on?!?!

I can’t wait to tell you what happened after that. The fucker caught me cheating and did this to what? Get back at me? Tell me it was okay? I don’t know what his point was but wait until you hear what I did to get back at him! Give me a call and I will tell you all about it!! Or you could wait for my conclusion to the story….but what fun would that be? Haha


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