A chastity cage can be incredibly erotic and sexy. Especially when a short, six inches or under, cock get’s locked up.

Chastity cage and cock control go hand in hand. There is nothing I enjoy more than having absolute power and cock control over a man. Just ask my client, Dave, how I treat a man with a smaller than average cock. He and I have a fun sexy and hot little role play we like to do. It involves a cock just shy of six inches and how I handle it. I claim it as my property, to do with as I please.

Dave isn’t the only man who loves to play around with the idea of a chastity cage, though! I have many clients who are turned on by giving me complete cock control over them.

Most men have cocks that are between five and seven inches long, many studies would agree. That sounds very small to me, however, because I live in Miami. Here in Miami, we have a lot of Latino men who are hung like horses, as well as plenty of sexy black guys. Who would even need to waste their time on anything less than 8 inches?

When I do come across a smaller cock on a man I’m interested in, I immediately begin to fantasize about locking it up in a chastity cage. Not every man has had the pleasure of a cage and giving themselves over to complete cock control.

It’s a major rush for me when I know I am locking up a cock for the first time.

Sometimes I keep the cocks locked up for hours, other times I lock them up for days. I love being able to control when a man cum and can touch himself. Forcing you to wear that cage all day to work, under your clothes, that cold metal encasing your cock. I can think of few things I enjoy more, as a matter of fact.

I’ll keep the key inside my bra, with me at all times. I’ll decide when the cage comes off and I’ll decide if you get to cum or not. Just thinking about that kind of cock control gets my pussy nice and wet.

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