Chastity Boy Cums Quickly

Sometimes I put my boyfriend in chastity. I find it’s a good way to make him appreciate me, especially when I come home after a night of sex with someone else. He sees me glowing and wishes he could make me look like that. When I finally do take the cage off him he pounces on me like an overexcited dog, throws me on the bed and fucks me until I feel like I’m made of jelly. This time my poor little boyfriend had to spend two weeks in chastity before I let him out.

    I took the key out of my hiding spot and went to the bedroom and found my boyfriend waiting for me. He was already naked. I showed him the key and put it on the dresser then took my clothes off. He groaned as he started to get hard and the cage constricted him. I picked up the key, took the cage off him and put them away, taking my sweet time of course. By the time I was done he was rock hard and unable to wait anymore. He pushed me on the bed, shoved my legs apart and slammed his dick into me.
I love it rough and my pussy gushed as he pounded me hard and fast, his dick impaling my pussy and bruising it. I was rocking against him and was just starting to get into it when he suddenly came. Seriously? Already? I know I shouldn’t have been surprised because it has been two weeks but come on! I didn’t even have a hint of an orgasm, just a few jabs. He looked a bit embarrassed and disappointed though so I couldn’t get mad at him. Instead, I changed tactics and kept our night of sex going.

     “Is that the best you can do?” I said in my fake angry tone of voice.

He tried to hide his smile and nodded, playing along. “Well, I’m not happy with your performance,” I told him and dragged him off the bed. I sat on the edge of it and pulled him across my lap. His dick smeared cum and pussy juices over my thigh, I also noticed he was still hard. “You have to learn that it’s not all about you. Your girlfriend should always cum first.” I told him and gave him a sharp smack on his ass. He gasped and I raised my hand again, bringing it down a bit harder. He jumped this time and I pushed my other arm down on his back, holding him in place.
I smacked him again and again. Soon he was moaning and grinding his dick against me, obviously loving the friction he was getting. I pretended not to notice and kept smacking him, doing it less and less hard until it was just little taps. “Have you learned your lesson?” I asked him as I stopped. He said he did which was good because the feel of his hard dick was making my pussy ache.

     I let my boyfriend get up and I wrapped my hand around his dick.

I gave him a few strokes and teasingly said: “You’re lucky you’re ready to go again, my hand was getting tired and I was starting to think about using a hairbrush on you.” He laughed, pushed me down on the bed and said: “You still can if you want.” I pretended to think about it for a second then said “Nah.” and wrapped my legs around his waist. He lasted a lot longer the second time around.

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