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I love celebrity sex stories and fantasies. Lately, all I want to do is fantasize about Zac Effron.  I even have a cardboard cutout of him in my room, haha!

So I have this fantasy where I come home and the cutout of Zac is gone. I hear a noise in the bathroom and as the door opens, steam pours out, followed by Zac Effron in only a towel. He smiles at me, his towel drops, and so does my jaw.

His cock was already hard and as soon as I saw it, my pussy started dripping wet. I smiled as I backed into my room, pulling my clothes off and climbing on my bed. Curling my finger, I invited him to join me. I did not have to ask twice.

He climbed into bed with me and spread my legs apart. I felt his wet tongue on my clit, moving in slow circles. If I was wet before, I was drenched now. He slid his fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

I came almost immediately-his fingers are magic! He climbed on top of me and kissed me, his lips tasted like me. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my pussy. By the time he slid his cock into me, I nearly came again. His cock was so good and he pounded into my pussy exactly how I liked it. We both came so hard and he collapsed next to me, breathing hard.

He rolled over and said he couldn’t wait to do it again as I felt his cock getting hard again against my leg.

I know it’s a little perfect, but isn’t that the point of fantasizing celebrity sex stories?

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