CEI – Making My Bestie’s Husband Eat His Own Cum

I’m always looking for ways to torment my best friend’s cheating husband. What can I say? It makes my pussy wet. 🙂
Tease and denial was fun for a while, but last time I saw him, I decided to have a little cei fun with him!

I still hold a grudge against him for ruining my impregnation fantasy by getting HER pregnant first! Sure, I fuck him from time to time now. But I control EVERY encounter. If he gets to fuck me; how he gets to fuck me; and whether or not he gets to cum. He stopped by my house unexpectedly the other day, hoping for a quick fuck on his lunch break. I laughed quietly to myself because by now he KNOWS better. He knows I’m not going to let him fuck me, cum, and then go. Not without having MY fun too! He can’t make me cum in 5 minutes with HIS cock, and he knows it. So! Basically, he was asking me to take one for the team.

FUCK that! 

I traced the outline of his rock hard cock through his pants and let out a quiet little giggle. His face fell when I told him that I wouldn’t fuck him. He had the hopeful look of an excited puppy dog when I told him that I would, however, let him put his cock in my mouth, and even CUM inside it. But, I told him, of course there is a catch. I laughed again as he muttered that if something seemed too good to be true with me, it probably was. I patted his head and almost felt sorry for him. He was right. These days, there was always a catch.

By this time, my hand was inside his pants, wrapped around his achingly hard cock. I asked him if he knew what the initials cei stood for. He gave me a blank look and I almost changed my mind about letting him cum in my mouth. I hate that blank, bovine stare he sometimes gives me when he doesn’t comprehend what I’m talking about! In my irritation, I snapped out the words more sharply than I had intended. “CUM. EATING. INSTRUCTION.” I hissed at him.

His look of blankness turned into a look of growing horror. He finally was able to stammer out “You want me… to eat my OWN cum?”  I laughed softly as I jerked his cock harder inside his pants and boxers, and told him that was the ONLY way he was getting to cum for me right then. He had to snowball his own cum back and forth with me after I let him shoot it in my mouth. He looked as if he’d been slapped – and my pussy pulsed with juicy delight. I closed my eyes and savored his intense discomfort at the thought.

I don’t want to spoil the end of the story for you, but let me just say this: that little bitch ate every drop of his cum for me!
And so will you, if you call me for cei!

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