CBT wasn’t what I had in mind at first but it turns out that some ball spanking is what my date ended up getting last night.

  I don’t always get into CBT but Cocks And Balls are so much fun to play with; you can lick them, suck them, fondle them, spank them as well as a million other things. When I had Ben in my bed last night it was so hard trying to decide what to do with his. I thought about giving him a hot ball sucking then blow job but my inner Kink Queen reminded me of the handcuffs I had in my dresser and the rope I had in the junk cupboard.

      I had Ben get naked then told him to wait while I got tonight’s toys. He didn’t know I had some CBT planned and I could practically feel how excited he was while I got them. When I’d gotten them I told him to put his arms up and out so that each one stretched along either side of the headboard. I handcuffed his arms to it and pushed his skinny little legs up to his chest so I could use the rope to tie them to his arms. He was all scrunched up and looking at me from between his legs.

Every time he moved his legs they pulled against his arms and the handcuffs clinked. I could do whatever I wanted to him. I looked at him lying there with his ass all exposed and a pair of big, heavy balls lying there while his dick stood up in the air. His balls got most of my CBT attention and I got between his legs so I could cup them in my hand. I bounced them up and down a few times and his dick twitched as they slapped on my palm.

I held my fist over them and slowly began squeezing them. He tried to lift his head and get a better look at what I was doing.

Kept going until my nails bit into him and he whimpered then I held them in my hand. Putting my fingers around the top so that his balls bulged out. I gave them a little spank and he tried to jump as my hand landed on him. He didn’t get very far thanks to his restraints. I squeezed him and told him to keep still or else I’d make him feel something even worse and he forced himself to behave but I could see his legs tensing up with anticipation of more pain.

I smacked him again, hitting him harder then a second later gave him another smack. He was better this time and stuck to breathing loudly and taking it. I love it when boys are obedient and I gave him some more smacks, watching as his balls got redder. Every time I hot him I could see his dick bounce and heard him suck in air. I rubbed my fingers over his balls and felt how warm they were as the red color got deeper. I then gave him a series of small little smacks to make the tenderness even more noticeable instead of wailing on him.

     So I stopped for a minute to give him a break and saw all the pre-cum that was leaking over his head. I wanted to keep going but I couldn’t stop thinking about how desperate he must be right now. He’d give anything to have a warm hand around his dick. It would only take a few jerks to set him off. I wanted to torture him a bit more and left him there so he could lie there and wonder when I’d be back while his dick throbbed away.

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