CBT – No Limits! Let me torture those cock and balls!

Going from room to room, let us start in the bedroom. Take off your clothes; they just get in the way for CBT. We need to start by putting your cock in his cage and the key is on a lovely silver chain around my neck.

Time for some teasing by bending over in front of you and pulling up my nightie over my ass.  And I start to play with my pussy letting my fingers explore my swollen clit.  Just for a second or two.

Standing up and turning around, I look at you and tell you to follow me.  And before I leave the room, I turn to you and lick my fingers.

Next, we head to the bathroom.  Kneel in front of the toilet, let me unlock your cage.  Rest your cock on the rim of the toilet bowl with seat and lid in the up position.  Now slam the seat down first and the lid, quickly afterward, pushing all your weight down on the seat, squeezing your cock.  I straddle the toilet looking down at you.  Should I take a seat? Can you take it or would your limit be reached?  I do just a couple of small bounce squats on the toilet and then dismount.

Off to the kitchen…all kinds of CBT there!  Let’s get the bowl, the big silver bowl and ice from the freezer.  Get on your knees and hold your cock over the edge of the bowl and I’m going to pour the ice into the bowl and bury your cock.  Doesn’t that feel good?  Now take your cock into your hand and stroke it until you cum, while I watch you.

Call me and let’s do our own tour around the house and enjoy CBT together!