CBT Fun With A Submissive Puppet Makes Roxy Excited! You want those nuts to hurt? Darlin, there’s no end to what I can do to create that pain and pleasure. And when we play on Skype it’s even better. Because then I can witness every action that you take to make your cock and ball torture play time with Roxy even more exciting.

Why do some guys get the rush of torturing their balls people ask? Why do some people crave chocolate? Because it’s pleasurable! Feeling that rush of sensation. That perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. And when I’ve shown guys just how to do it properly, they’ve confessed their cum sessions have never been better. So don’t knock it till you try it!

CBT takes a masturbation session to the next level! I know, I know, you hear those words and it makes you cringe. But just like any other domination, there are different levels. So experimentation is always the key. If you have never experienced or dared to try it before why not open your world and say why the fuck not!

Some like it to play the submissive role and let the mistress take over. Others simply the pleasure it gives them. That heightened sensitivity that makes every stroke, pet, tickle, and slap bring you on the brink of bursting.  I’ve witnessed and been a part of tons of sessions, and know we can find the right one to fit you.

And after a good long jerk off session with me, and I finally allow you to untie those nuts; I guarantee you will come longer than you ever have before. It’s like magic! Are you ready for me to work it on you? CUM give it a try! You will love it!

Teen Phone Sex!