When you think about Cartoon Sex, I bet you think of Anime, or Hentai, and you’d be right…sort of.  But, I’d like to take you on a twist of a journey into the world of Disney.  This time, Cendrillon (the French name for Cinderella) is under the CUNTrol of her horny, wicked step-mother and made to submit to all sorts of debauchery.  Their home, in the Gordes de Provence is far enough removed to avoid detection.

But, in the commune of Gordes, with little else to do, there were STILL some “parties” that not everyone could attend.  At these events, CInderella’s naughty step-mom held court of a different sort.  Still salty, but now related to the King, she had him front-and-center from the beginning.  His cock size was legendary!  Step-mommy knew she’d never have him any other way.

The King had no idea what he walked ( err, crawled into) as he stumbled, blind-folded into the main salon.  I’d love to say that he objected, but the ball-gag and leather choker sorta prevented that!  Not to mention his busty Mrs.  The Queen wore a cleavage hoisting number, gagged and fighting.  However, her cartoon sex adventure would leave her dripping with desire.

The blindfolds removed and the guests all cheering, it was time to party.  Stepmother, Cinderella, and the evil step-sisters burst through the salon doors ready for their prey.  The music was booming and you could almost SEE their hearts beating through their Royal flesh.  Moreover, the Queen’s thighs glistened with anticipation. Stepmother smiled her famous wicked smile and rubbered her hands together.

Now, Queenie, lashed, arms eXXXtended above her head and legs spread-eagle to the chamber walls.  A siphon was attached to her cunt, lest any juices were wasted to the floor.

Cartoon Sex has arrived!

Watching her husband ass-fucked was the highlight of her Queendom.  Her attraction for him grew exponentially.  Furthermore, she wondered why they never tried the kinkier side of being royal.  But, the next thing both felt were long, hard cocks ramming them up the ass.  Of course, these were the handmade, rock hard strapons and Step-mom was great at wielding them like swords.  After all, she DID have lots of practice on her children!

We girls were offered a challenge that whoever took the most ass and drew the most blood at the soiree would be the winner of a special surprise.  It was on!  Cinderella was like a warrior on the battlefield.  Being bested by the step-sisters at every turn changed that night!  She clearly had more pussy and ass and the room was lined with partygoers who had been fucked…ROYALLY by Cinderella.

Step-mother continued to plunge, rape and pillage leaving the Queen for last.  Walking toward her, it became clear that Step-mother would reign supreme tonight.  She planned on beCUMming the newest Queen to the fat, little King.  Although this may be true, Cindy had won the cock of the fearless leader and had made his own choice to marry Cinderella.As much as he loved Step-mother’s cunt, Cindy was of childbearing age, so she was the easy winner.

Even so, Step-mom had covered every contingency and knew no matter what, she’d end up living in that beautiful castle. In like fashion, she had wedding attire made for ALL of her girls, just in case.  Each gown had a special, naughty feature added for allure.  Cindy’s was a tit-out number, Drizilla’s had no ass in it and Anastasia’s had a sheer veil covering her cunt.

Cartoon Sex takes hold of the magical kingdom.

The kingdom became known far and wide for its debaucherous affairs.  Coupled with warfare going down (and I do mean going down! lol.) they became know as the sexiest kingdom to ever rule.  Cindy was heralded as the prettiest pregnant Queen and the King couldn’t get enough of licking, kissing and sucking her pussy.  It was a win-win…win.

The girls loved it all so much that they decided to broaden their enterprise by branching into Hot Phone Sex and a side of Cuckold Sex.  And the lines of men AND women wrapped around the kingdom and the money flowed in!  CUM and join us.  My name is, Joey and I’m the step-daughter you never heard about, but I’m easily the sexiest!  I’m the one they bring out when the deal really needs closing!  Wanna know why? Check me out!  You’ll never look back!


Cartoon Sex