Call Me Sir:  So are you ready to dominate my tight sweet pussy?

Call Me Sir: One of my favorite partners always asks me to do one simple thing. He asks
that I always refer to him as Sir.  Actually, he doesn’t ask as much as demand. To begin with, he was a former active duty military guy, crisp haircut, strong arms, a HUGE weapon of mass destruction. People often think that more domineering partners can be brutal and just grind and pound on a girl. While sometimes that can be hot, often times there is definitely a lot more depth to a Dom-Sub relationship. Subtle domination can be very erotic and can lead to an intense orgasm for both partners.

In other words, the corporal was no different. He would start out especially loving and almost romantic.  Next, he would use his tongue to explore my body giving me an erotic tongue bath. Licking the side of my neck and then working his tongue over my chest.  Meanwhile, he’d take his time at my nipples licking and sucking them into erect perfection. Watching me shake as he traced my areola, making sure to stare right into my eyes as he teases and pleases me.

I love playing all types of Sex Games and to be a Submissive Slut is on occasion definitely one of my favorites!

Call Me Sir: I can feel the scruff on the side of his face against my soft, smooth, milky thighs

He always eats my pussy so good. The corporal takes his time and does amazing things with his tongue. I can also feel the scruff on the side of his face against my soft, smooth, milky thighs as he gently sucks my sensitive clit and works his fingers inside my tight wet pussy.

Next, he moves his hand up to my neck and asks, “Are you ready?” Accordingly, I always nod and shake my head a little. Then he chokes me and says, “Call me sir”. “Yes, I’m ready sir.”, I sheepishly reply as he sinks his massive cock into my tight, waiting, soaking wet pussy. Long, slow strokes at first lifting my ankles up around his neck so he’s able to drop his cock deep into me caressing my cervix with the head of his throbbing cock.

“Do you like that big military cock?”, he asks as he continues to plow me. “Yes sir, I love your big strong cock! Please fuck me, sir! Please fuck me harder sir!”, I reply begging for more of his big fat cock inside my wet pussy! Then he flips me over and pushes my face into the pillow, we both know what time it is. It’s time for him to finish his tour of duty inside me and blow a creamy hot, salty nut deep inside my grateful hole.

Call Me Sir: Stuffing me full of his massive load.

He grabs my hips and thrust his huge cock all the way inside me, asking, “You ready for this load? You ready for me to cum?” I grip the sheets while he continues to push his meaty dick deeper inside me, harder and deeper making me scream. As he bottoms out inside me I yell “Yes, sir! Yes, sir! I want it! I need it! Breed me, now!”, I plead while I push back and attempt to take more of the corporal’s throbbing cock! Just then I feel like his colossal load flooded the interior of my wet pussy.  Still plowing it in. Stuffing me full of his fertile massive creamy load.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, sir! I need it, your load! I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING! Oh FUCK!!”, I
scream as I shake and then cum after the corporal busts a huge load inside me!

I love the feeling of all that creamy cum dripping out of my freshly fucked pussy.

Do you want me to call you sir? May I call you Master? Do you want me to take your load? What do you like to be called? Tell me! I can’t wait! Let’s have some fun soon!

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