Burning yet yearning for more.

My last orgasm subsides and, with your entire fist inside my pussy, the slight burning sensation returns.  I look at you and then look at my pussy and see your wrist coming out of me.  At that point, you add more lube to my cunt and your wrist.

You slowly begin to fist fuck me.  As you’re twisting and churning your fist, you tell me my cunt lips are clinging to your wrist as you withdraw.  The burning is now gone and you settle into a faster yet pleasantly torturous rhythm.

You slowly withdraw almost to the point where your fist vacates my hole, and then more rapidly, you push it back inside me.  As my pussy becomes more accommodating, you continue twisting your wrist.  Over and over, each time I feel your knuckles repeated contact with my g-spot, my pussy floods the bed.

The brief burning returns as you withdraw your fist completely, and although exhausted, I want more of you.  You straddle my face and slide your hard cock into my mouth.  Plunging deep, I gag as your head hits the back of my throat.  Over and over you fuck my mouth until your cock is hot and slick.

You’re ready to fuck me.  Moving back in between my legs and lifting my ankles to your shoulders, you slide the head of your hard shaft between my wet pussy lips.  Forcefully, you thrust your entire length deep inside me.  Buried balls deep, you don’t move; instead, you wait for me to beg for more.

My teeth clenched, I look into your eyes and beg you to fuck the shit out of me.  Without hesitation, you relentlessly pound your cock into my hungry hole.  As my pussy milks your dick, you finger my clit.

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