Buggery, also known as Anal Sex, has been around since the dawning of mankind. Roman Emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also known as, Caligula, was a huge fan of it.  He’d often bestow it as a “gift” to his men on their wedding night, right in plain view of the new bride.  Of course, she would be taken by the Emperor as well, or one of his higher ranking men.  Gifts were bestowed upon the happy couple together.  And there would be no CUMplaints allowed!  If you did, it would only get worse.

Fast forward to modern times where it’s more than acceptable for men AND women to enjoy, nay…REVEL in their sexuality as well as their SENSUALITY…not the same thing, folks.  Now, a woman like me can say directly in your face that I NEED you in my ass…and sometimes, I need to be in yours as well.  Don’t say you haven’t enjoyed (to your own horror) when your lady invades that pink pucker with her tongue, or…(LIAR! LOLOLOL)

My theory?  Everyone has the same general anal structure, right? Morphologically both are same, with the missing prostate in women. Otherwise, structurally the same.  So, then my question is…why should only women enjoy the sweet sensations of anal penetration and thrusting?  We shouldn’t, is the short answer.  We should be ENCOURAGING our men on EVERY level there is.

I’ll invade your sweet, little hole first with my tongue.  Delivering a deep, French kiss to your urethra before rimming your cock to rock hardness.  Feel my hand, wet from my pussy as it strokes your balls and shaft, tongue shoved deep inside a tight, young, virgin ass.  Ride my face, forcing me deeper and deeper.  Let loose and bend over for me. let me jerk you off while I eXXXplore you…licking and kissing along your back and neck.  Flicking  the fingers of my other hand along your sweet nipples.

Indulge yourself in a bit of (sometimes) free fantasy phonesex with me and get to the heart of what you REALLY want and NEED from me. Stop pussy-footing around it.  It’s okay, baby.  Let that Freak Flag Fly along with mine!  You like it…I guarantee I LOVE IT!  Call me and let’s go DEEEEEP!

Want to Feel the Pleazurez Only I Can Bring To You?


I’ll Rim You Right!