sex between people who are closely related, such as a parent and child, or brother and sister.

… I knew exactly what incest meant. I knew it was wrong to have these feelings! But ever since I was a little girl, my big brother was my hero. When I watched him, as I was watching him now; his broad , tan, shirtless back  to me as he plowed furrows for our grandma’s garden, there was a longing –  always this ache of wanting something that I shouldn’t want. Needing something that I shouldn’t need. Always, just under the surface, was this feeling – growing more intense, year after year. Since he’d gone away to college his muscles had become bigger, more defined; his jaw, more firm and square. I loved to sit in the sun and stare at his profile as he worked – so handsome, so rugged. SO. perfectly gorgeous! As if he could feel my eyes on him, he looked up and offered his little sister a huge, happy smile as he made another pass by where I had my blanket sprawled out. Princess wasn’t helping, of course, just lazing about in the field and secretly daydreaming – feeling slightly guilty when that familiar wetness drenched her panties. 

Was it my imagination, or did his eyes move over my body as he just went by?

I made EVERY effort to make him look today when I got ready! My hot little white bikini top showing my cleavage. My tits were small, but so round and perky- nipples perfectly pink and suckable. I looked up at him again as he stopped and hopped down from the tractor, and I could feel them standing straight out against the thin fabric of my bikini top, betraying me… I tried to play it cool, eyes closing, appearing disinterested as he walked closer and stood above me, looking down. With my eyes closed, I couldn’t see the look on his face – that hard swallow, as if there was a lump forming in his throat. Shifting slightly as he stared down at my perfect young body. Quietly lost in his own taboo thoughts about his sexy little sister! I never knew how many nights he dreamed of incest with his petite, perfect little sis – but I was about to find out!

That first experience with my big brother was SO intense! Call me up so I can tell you all about it! Or, YOU can be my big brother, and we can have a “first time” incest experience all our own!


Zoey Keeps It In the Family


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