Just because I don’t have a brother doesn’t mean I can’t daydream up a nasty brother sister sex story.

If only I had a real brother to act out my nasty brother sister sex story ideas. Wanna cum play the role of my big brother?

Incest is best, and incest phone sex with me is even better. I’ve always been jealous of other women who grew up with an older brother. Specifically, I wished I had a brother just enough my senior to influence his formative sexual years. Thinking about being the younger sister he’s jerking off to in the room down the hall gets me hot.

When I was an undergrad, the other college girls all seemed to have a big brother they’d gotten to experiment with sexually as they started puberty. Who better to learn the “ropes” with than a big brother . . . with a big, hard cock??

Although I didn’t have a big brother, I did have a boy cousin around my age (just a month younger) when I was growing up. I remember one time he came to visit (and stayed in my bedroom) and he taught me how to play poker.

After I got down the basics, he started showing me how to play strip poker . . . and then (per my teenage hussy request) he showed me how he liked to touch himself. I had never seen a penis before (I didn’t have any brothers, either) and I remember feeling mesmerized by his young, horny cock.

We’ve never talked about our incipient sexual curiosities or fledgling exhibitionism (and voyeurism, on my part) since that night when we were kids. I’ve often wondered if he remembers, too. What do you think? Give me a call and let me know what you REALLY think!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke