I heard my brothers and his friends outside of my door whispering about which one would knock first. Which one would be the first to open the door to find me sleeping with no panties on? They were debating on which one would be the first to put his dick in my mouth while another one spread my legs and ate my wet pussy. I wondered too. 

My brother and his friends had been at our house all weekend. I made sure that I wore the tightest shorts and shirts while they were there. It was fun watching their cocks grow as I innocently brought them trays of snacks from my mom or as I bent over in front of them while picking up something that I “accidentally” dropped while walking to my bedroom. Of course I had my favorites within the group, but my brother liked to think that he was my favorite.

I started sucking my brother’s cock when I was VERY young. He’s a little older than me and on days when mom and dad had errands to run or date nights he was always the one to babysit me. He would do all kinds of kinky shit to me when our parents were gone. One of my best friends came over while he was watching me, so he tied me up in a chair and made me watch him fuck her deep in her pussy until came inside of her. Then there was the time I woke up squirting as I came into his mouth only to find his face buried in between my legs and him laughing his ass off.

But this time was different. My parents would be gone for the entire weekend which meant that my brother and his friends could have fun with me anytime they wanted to without any worries or interruptions. Just knowing that all 10 of them were outside of my door with hard cocks and raging teen hormones made me horny as fuck!

Before they came to my door I had already started to touch and finger my pussy. I waited there on my bed with my legs wide open while watching porn on my laptop. I couldn’t wait to deep throat all of their cocks. I couldn’t wait to have multiple cocks jammed in my holes as I was gang banged by my brother and his horny friends. Just knowing that I would be responsible for making all of them blow their loads before the night was over made me masturbate harder and harder.

As the whispering became more intense the door knob finally started to turn. My brother’s head peeked through and when he saw me with my legs open while I masturbated to that gang bang porn he smiled and walked in. ALL of his friends followed behind. They were naked, hard, and ready to play. What happened in my bedroom that night was UNBELIEVABLY HOT! And I need to tell YOU all about it.

Have your cock ready for me when I answer the phone. Wait until you hear what happened!



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