Are you tired of going to bed with your needs unfulfilled? With that cock throbbing and aching to slide inside something tight,wet, and ready to receive your seed?

“Sorry honey not tonight i’m too tired” She tells you utterly rejecting your advances and leaving you wanting. Leaving you to hide yourself away to get in some much needed masturbation. You just happen to catch sight of my bedroom door open and watch as I pull my shirt up over my head, changing for bed. I’ve grown up daddy into a beautiful young lady, my tit perky and having perfectly filled out. I know your watching so when I take off my jeans I do it slowly so you can savor the sight.

My hands slowly pull down my panties letting you savor the sight of my nice round bottom and the teasing peek at my bald barely legal pussy. Your cock it utterly aching, you start to stroke yourself slowly trying not to moan. “Daddy….don’t hide out there” I announce to you and your heart beat quickens fearful “Daddy” I call again turning towards the door and letting my body seat itself on the bed, my legs spreading wide open. When you open the door you see all of me and you lick your dry lips.

“Tinsley….” You breath out flustered while I stare openly at your throbbing cock still sticking out of your underwear “Shhh daddy….I know mommy hasn’t been taking care of you. Let me do it daddy” Thats all it takes for you to give in and break your vow…..

What will you do to me?


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